Major parties set to further “Sino-ise” Australia

Chinese flag

The recent diplomatic visit to China by a high-powered delegation of Australia’s government and business leaders, and subsequent signings of agreements, including a “strategic partnership” between Australia and China, was largely welcomed by most ...
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What if Indonesia won’t take back asylum shoppers?

Asylum seekers/refugees 210x150

The federal Coalition, led by Tony Abbott, has made much of their determination to put a stop to the perpetual invasion of asylum seeker boats making their way into Australian sovereign territory, on their way to the Land of Milk and Honey, which is ...
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Oops! – AFL witch hunt for “racists” burns innocent little girl

witch hunt

Australian Rules football is a physically demanding, passionate, emotional and quite violent team sport where virile young men test themselves against each other. In this environment, in the heat of battle, with rivalries flaring, it’s inevitable ...
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The Muslim terror issue – “but it’s only a small minority…” Right?

Islam will dominate the world

A common argument repeated many times by Muslim apologists, in the wake of the recent horrific murder of a British soldier in London, is that “it’s only a small minority” of Muslims who become violent political extremists, and that “we shouldn’t ...
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Ford closing its manufacturing plants, whilst the Liberal Party sheds crocodile tears

Liberal Labor = Libor

Was anyone fooled by Tony Abbott’s award-winning performance following the news that Ford will close its car manufacturing plants in Australia? With a somber look, mustering all the compassion he could wring out, Abbott intoned that “this is a ...
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Rivers of blood: Is Australia next?

UK Muslim with machete

The horrendous attack by extremist Muslims against a unarmed man (a British soldier) in full public view on a London street, should be a wake-up call to everyone about the inherent dangers involved in having a multiculturalist immigration ...
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Labor and Liberal working together to win the election

Banana Republic

The decision of the Labor and Liberal parties to double the fees for candidates in the run-up to the federal election is an outrageous travesty of democracy. One report in the media says that “The changes means that a minor party will have to ...
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Clive Palmer’s new party: Another nail in the coffin for Liberal and Labor?


The advent of billionaire mining baron Clive Palmer’s “Palmer United Party” should be a good thing for Australian politics. Not because of who Clive Palmer is, or what his party’s policies are (as their policies haven’t been released yet, they could ...
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