Bob Carr should have listened to Lady Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher

Bob Carr, possibly Australia’s worst-ever Foreign Minister, created a bit of a stir in the Australian media just recently. Carr was in China at the time, as part of a high-powered delegation of Australian government and corporate leaders, looking to ...
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Citizens Initiated Referenda on the federal agenda: Make your submission to the Senate by 19 April 2013

Democracy for the People

The issue of Citizens’ Initiated Referenda (CIR) is to be considered by a Senate Committee. CIR would be a major boost to democracy in Australia. This entails giving the people the right to make laws for the nation, by means of a ...
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Buying Australian, a personal story (Protectionism begins with P/eas)


[Contributed article from an APP member:] This is a personal story, but one that has implications for Australia as a whole. Recently I was shopping at my local supermarket and bought some cheap peas; they were a homebrand product which I had ...
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Time to improve our copyright laws, to promote Australian culture

copyright 210x150

Cultural sustainability requires widespread availability A nation’s culture is based not only on its way of life, but also on its history and its historical cultural outpourings. For this reason it is important that the cultural work of a nation’s ...
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Anti-Islamification protest report

APP protest

Congratulations to those taking part in the anti-Islamification protest. There was almost 30 people who turned up to brave the cold wet Sunday morning of 17 March 2013, in Melbourne. APP and other groups joined together to show that there is ...
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Come along to the protest against the Islamification of Australia [Sunday 17 March 2013, 9 a.m., Melbourne]


A rally has been called for Sunday 17th March 2013 (at 9 a.m.), to hold a peaceful protest outside the Islamic Conference to be held in Melbourne on that weekend. A large crowd is expected; a lot of patriots have already promised to turn up, so ...
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WA voters between the devil and the deep blue sea

Western Australia, flag 210x150

An opinion piece from our WA Chairman It’s hard to get excited about the upcoming WA state election (Saturday March 9th). In fact, the general public mood in WA is one of indifference, ignorance, and apathy. This probably augers well for WA ...
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Attack on young woman at Macquarie University, where refugees are being housed


A story has been reported on Radio 2GB (873am) about an alleged indecent assault of a 20-year-old woman at Macquarie University, where it has been reported that approximately 80 male asylum seekers from Sri Lanka have been housed by the government in ...
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