2012 Election Campaign Donation Appeal

Urgent appeal for funds – The Australian Protectionist Party stands a real chance of winning in this election!!!

Dear fellow patriots,

We are currently participating in the elections for local government in New South Wales. Not only are we aiming for publicity for the patriotic cause, but we have a real chance of winning a seat in these elections.

Nathan Smith

Nathan is the APP candidate for Forbes. There are 9 councillors to be elected, with 14 candidates running, so he has a good chance of being elected (obviously, dependent upon a good and well-funded campaign).

  • Nathan is the ONLY candidate in Forbes who is running on a party ticket; being the only candidate with a
    party designation next to his name on the voting ticket will make him stand out from the rest.
  • Nathan is 3rd on the voting ticket, thus adding to his prominence.
  • Nathan has been getting a great response at the local meetings he has been attending, with many rural people fed up with Multiculturalism, Political Correctness, and extremist Greenies.

The election of one of our candidates will be a major step forward for Australian patriots – and will aid our efforts when we go into the federal elections, so this campaign is very important.

Nick Folkes

Nick Folkes is running in Leichhardt; it is an area heavily populated with Greens supporters and trendies, so the emphasis is on making a stand and winning publicity.

  • This has already been successful, with a big story in the Sydney Morning Herald on page 3.

Nick has been running a campaign based on local issues, and has included a policy of establishing Leichhardt as a “Sharia free zone”, as a way of making a moral stand against Islamification, Sharia Law, and related cultural practices (e.g. so-called honour killings, stonings, female genital mutilation, and polygamy).

Can you help us to fund this election?

We need to pay for various electioneering being done in the election, to cover leaflets, how-to-vote cards, placards, etc.

If you have already donated to us, then please disregard this message (but by all means, feel free to donate again if you would like to).

We appreciate all your help.


  1. I am happy to donate to support you good blokes.
    Well done.

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