Prayer rooms for Muslims are indicative of the coming changes to the Australian way of life

Stories in past months about the plans to place prayer rooms for Muslims inside Australia’s football venues provide yet another sign of the changes that are happening in our country. It has been reported that prayer rooms are to be compulsory at all AFL grounds.

These prayer rooms are being touted as “non-denominational”, but considering that it has been Muslims campaigning for them, to facilitate the Islamic practice of praying five times a day whilst facing in the direction of Mecca, there is little doubt that their primary purpose is for the use of Muslims.

Various changes are happening in our society. Change, in general, is inevitable, but that does not mean that all change is good. The rise of communism and fascism were changes, but they were not changes for good. Likewise, demographic genocide via massive Third World immigration, intrinsically linked to political multiculturalism and creeping Islamification, is not good either.

There are now separate facilities in some educational institutions for Muslims, there are swimming pools that have closed at certain times for Muslim women, there are foods with the Muslim “Halal tax” appearing in our supermarkets, there are butchers who have been on the receiving end of aggressive behaviour because displaying pork in their store windows has been regarded as offensive to Muslims, retailers who have been attacked because selling alcohol has been regarded as offensive to Muslims, the blind who have been refused taxi service because having a guide dog in the car has been regarded as offensive to Muslims, and the list goes on. Let’s not even mention the Muslims who celebrated the terrorist attacks upon the West (oops, we just did mention it) or the Muslims who have attacked free speech by dragging pastors into court (with the government’s connivance) for “vilifying Islam”.

Sure, it’s all been a misunderstanding, or there is a certain reason for it, or because it’s a special case. Or maybe it’s only because of a certain percentage of fundamentalist Muslims that these things happen; but these fundamentalist Muslims certainly seem to get around a fair bit, don’t they?

The presence of so many fundamentalist Muslims in Australia is a concern. Not because “they are all terrorists” (how often do you hear that very phrase coming from the multiculturalists, who like to treat ordinary Australians with contempt, as if the average Australian would think all Muslims are terrorists), but because they favour a culture that is not conducive to the well-being of the Australian way of life, and because many of them want to impose their beliefs upon us; at this stage, it is just in so many little ways, bit by bit.

Many Muslims, including fundamentalist Muslims, have fled Islamic countries, in part because of potential dangers from the extremist Muslims there; but fleeing from danger does not change the beliefs of fundamentalist Muslims, it merely changes their location. Once here, free from the stonings, beheadings, and killings, many seek a fundamentalist lifestyle; a lifestyle free from the Taliban-style extremists and the deaths they cause, but a fundamentalist lifestyle nonetheless. Many of the non-extremist Muslims want some changes in their favour too, and that assists the fundamentalists in their cause.

If our society is undergoing so many changes now, with the Muslim component of the population supposed to be less than 2%, what changes will be dealt out to us if and when the Muslim population reaches 10% or higher? How many of them will be fundamentalists, demanding that we change our way of life to suit them?

The calls of caution about the coming changes are like a bell tolling in the night, ringing out a warning – a warning of changes that are coming, of changes that won’t be good for the future of our people. The deathly sound of this bell tolling can be heard right across the landscape of our entire country. Fellow Australians, do not ask for whom the bell tolls – it tolls for thee.

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  1. Multiculturalism is unnatural. Those who advocate it should try to explain why all throughout history in every civilization, individual societies develop similar beliefs and culture and have an urge to preserve this homogeneity. Parents instinctively pass down their own values to their children. Why aren't 'bog-standard' Aussies allowed to do this?

    We don't want to travel to countries with vastly different cultures and change them to suit us. Why are they so eager to change ours? And why is it so 'wrong' for us to want to protect our way of life? Big Government and Big Media won't allow discussion on this anymore. Thank God for the internet and organizations like this one.

    • Tom Isaac says

      We the Australian people have become too complacent and have allowed Tyranny to replace our Democratic rights.

      Many Australians are beginning to wake up and are now questioning what has and is occuring and our major political parties are beginning to realize that their Tryannical powers are under threat so they are allowing middle eastern and islamatic cultures into Australia at the cost to our christian culture and beliefs.

      In my opinion what our Governments both Federal and State are doing is bribing muslims to vote for them at elections. How do they do it? By allowing them entry into Australian territories all at the cost of Australian tax payers, this is regardless of whether the enter Australia by way of the lawful way via lawful applications, checks and waiting times or illegal way as the boat people are doing.

      What amazes me is if you, I or any Australian people arrived in a foreign country without the relevent papers we would be held in custody and deported on the next available flight out back to where we came from, so why are the boat people treated differently? the only answer I can find is their VOTING power. Bribery.

      In many cases we Australians don't know their back grounds or if they are criminals or terrorists as often their papers are lost or cannot be proven, so is this not possibly fraud.

      At the rate they are arriving their numbers are growing and eventually they will form their own political parties so be warned. If they gain political power Sharia law may be introduced thus following christian values and cultures which Australia was built on will become a crime.

      Freedom as we know it will no longer exist and our punishment may be death by beheading or stoning if we resist converting to the muslim faith.

      Muslims have basic rights to follow their own religion as we do but they do not have the right to impose or force their beliefs on us as they are attempting.

      In all cultures and people their is good and bad, my question is which are we getting, do we really know? I am dubious when I notice prayer rooms being set up at the football to cater for them, when their temples are appearing throughout the land and when their Koran (bible) preaches death to infidels and non believers.

      If the religian and culture surpasses ours then it will be to late for us the Australian people.

      We must begin to question what is happening in Australia and stop being complacent with the she will be right attitude.

      I would appreciate to learn other peoples views on what I have written as knowledge is good and ignorence is evil.

  2. Tom Isaac says

    Our elected government is led by a self professed athiest. Ji-Liar Gillard by all of her actions to date is not interested in us the Australian people she is only interested in maintaining her role as TYRRANICAL LEADER.

    She and her party members realise they will be voted out at the next election so they allow all the muslim refugees (Legal and Illegal) into Australia and give them far more welfare and rights than the Australian people in order to secure their votes.

    What the labour party government is actually doing is in effect bribing the muselims to vote labour.

    I have learnt over many years that neither of our main political parties can be trusted. Tony Abbot says he will change the law and stop the boat people if he is elected, but the problem is his policy could be blocked so the current policy of labour may continue and the muselims will keep coming until they eventually out number us and take over our once great country.

    • Tom … Gillard's atheism isn't relevant but her left wing policies and similarly minded colleagues in Labor are. If they thought they could get away with it, they would open the floodgates and let anyone and everyone in. The Greens politicians are the same. Only Australian citizens and British subjects are permitted to enrol to vote. Most of the new arrivals therefore wouldn't have voting rights. I'm not sure the Liberal National coalition is all that different in that it won't have the balls to tackle the Islamic invasion and takover. We really need a complete rethink about government in Australia, the direction we are taking with multiculturalism, taxation and numerous other things, but it will, as we all know, never happen. For example, I'd like to see a referendum on multiculturalism, but the government won't hold one because it knows the outcome would be unfavourable for them.

      We need to keep spreading the good word about Islamization Tom and get as many as possible to support the Q Society.

  3. Alan Ling says

    The first thing we should do is stop providing foreign aid to any Country that is not a signatory to the UN Charter for Refugees.Alternatively, we withdraw from the Charter, a preferred solution as the UN is dominated by unAustralian members in any case.

    • Alan … I agree. We should give the UN Charter the flick. The UN is mostly funded by the USA but most of the participants are from backward, ignorant Muslim countries who have the voting power.

  4. Tom Isaac says

    It is my understanding that Australian Law makes it a criminal offence if any one aids and abets in a crime. If we are accused of aiding and abetting a criminal offence we would be charged under the law and be brought before a court of law and punished for the crime.

    The illegal boat people are entering our country Australia illegally and our Australian Governments are enabling them to do so. To illegally enter any country in the world is an offence and in doing so results in deportation from that country on the next availalable flight.

    So I ask you, the people of Australia, is not our Government guilty of aiding and abbetting in 2 crimes by allowing the illegal boat people into our country?
    1. The illegal boat people are aiding in the crime of people smuggling.
    2. Our Government is aiding the illegal boat people and
    3. Our Government is aiding and abetting the criminal people smugglers.

    If you or I did the same thing as our current Government is doing we would be charged with committing a criminal offence and face court where we could possibly imprisoned for many years, so what is the difference between us and our government?
    Why is it not a crime for them to do it but a crime for us if we did the same?

    Our Government should not be accepting the illegal boat people as they are doing.
    What they should do is deport them on arrival to our shores as this would act as a deterrant and send a message to the illegal boat people and people smugglers than our gate is securely locked.

    • @Tom … I'm on your side, however, it is incorrect that refugees come her illegally. Australia is a signatory to the UN Charter for Refugees which requires that we process those seeking asylum from persecution etc. The problem with the boat people is that they are not genuine refugees, not that they are illegal.

      When they fly to Indonesia to escape persecution (or in fact to get a better life style), they are in a country that doesn't persecute them and which is of the same religious ideology … Islam. Once they have arrived in Indonesia, they are no longer refugees. But Indonesia isn't a signatory to the UN Charter and therefore our government considers Indonesia a stepping stone.

      We need a government that will either disengage us from the UN Charter or make it known that nobody who arrives by boat will EVER get a protection visa. Unfortunately, most incoming immigrants and refugees are muslims which is a disaster and will be to our detriment later. Ten percent is said to be the crisis point of muslims in a community.

      • Tom Isaac says

        For as far back as can remember many nationailities migrated to Australia for a better life.

        They arrived here via the proper process to gain entry and they came from christian counttries.

        To the best of my knowledge from what I recall they were not given the handouts then that are given to the refugees and boat people of today. They assimilated into our way of life and didn't try and impose their culture on us aqs the muselim refugees are doing now.

        I used to go to the AFL nearly every week to support the Richmond Tigers but after learning that the AFL elected to introduce prayer rooms for the muslims I stopped attending the matches and have no intention of going to another football game again.

        I find it disturbing that our government, regardless of which party is in power, signed an agreement with any foreign power without consulting the Australian people.

        I did not consent, nor would I consent to anyone migrating to Australia if they would not accept our values or customs and I doubt if many Australian people would.

        • YES !!!!

          In Australia,

          We eat Meat,

          We drink Beer,

          And we speak Bloody ENGLISH,

          The Muslims etc, find it offensive that our children have Religion at school.

          Find it offensive that our children sing Xmas carols at school etc etc.

          Well I find it OFFENSIVE that they dont speak ENGLISH when out in the streets.

          Wear that Burka!! ( what are they covering up ) I wonder??

          When in Rome do as the Romans do????

          If the shoe's were on the other foot,and in there war torn stuffed up Country, our women would have to wear clothing that covers all of there body, and speak there Language!!!!!

          What make's it right that they come here and stay here at OUR EXPENSE, then dictate to us what, we can and can't do in OUR COUNTRY,

          Proves only one thing, our Government's "GOT NO BALLS"

          Won't be long now fellow Australian's– We were close to Bowing to the Emporer in WW2, but our brave soldiers, gave there lives & put a stop to that.

          What a kick in the Face for all those men??

          Might as well sent a invertation to them all then and saved all those waste of lives.

          The way its going now, our Government will have us bowing to "ALAH"

          P.S ( might be using those pray rooms at the Footy after all).

          The sooner the FAT CATS in Government are gone and replaced with True Aussies, who want nothing better than, whats in the best interest for US TAX PAYERS and True AUSTRALIAN's & us to live in a safe Country again, won't come soon enough for me.

          After all all these Lazy Fat Politicians dont want to loose there HIGH Payed luxury jobs and High Pension when they Retire..

        • Tom … I have written to government agencies on several occasions and the replies I get back are essentially that everything is wonderful, we (the government) has it all under control and not to worry my little old self about it because multiculturalism in Australia is different from everywhere else.

          Write to them and keep up the effort … we'll wear the bastards down so they represent us and not someone else's interests.

          • There is only one way I believe we can seriously get their attention. We need to demand a 'No Vote' box on our ballot papers which is COUNTED. That way if we don't like any of the bastards that we are currently forced to vote for we can actively protest at the polling booth. If the 'No Votes' outweigh the candidates then that seat stays vacant until the next election. This will punish the major parties for putting up unacceptable candidates or unacceptable policies.

    • Tom, I agree. It is state-sponsored racketeering. These people should not come under the refugee treaty because they were quite safe in Indonesia and were not 'fleeing for their lives', having made multiple stops through safe havens, often by plane, to get to Indonesia in the first place. Genuine, patient refugees waiting in camps all around the world should receive priority to resettle in another country. No-one should have the right to demand where they are resettled. By all means they could express a preference and hopefully could be accommodated, but not the right to demand it. Every breach of our water borders is an act of war and should be dealt with as such.

  5. Amanda Vanstone has the answer. change the immigration law to deny these people the right to bring their family and descendants etc. as they are all males who are coming and then they get the right to bring there females etc.

    • Soothsayer says

      I back that up Bob.

      I would like to know how many family members each asylum seeker brings in. I think the public of Australia has the right to know this. We may not have been getting many people by boat, but considering each person wanted to bring in family members were actually ending up with so many more people.

      And that is just genuine family members. I know that in Canada there was a case where a Somalian man had bought a hundred alleged family members in the country; so it ultimately becomes a scam as well.

  6. Trevor W Sullivan says

    Hats off to APP again for the great work being done! And likewise to all those who have commented as concerned and patriotic Australians. We desperately need the openness, honesty, fairness of mind, the education etc. being advocated by all. God bless you all and may your patriotic voices be heard loud and clear throughout the whole continent and the world!

    But we need much more than this. The protest itself is right and necessary, but it brings no hope with it for change – we have heard such "voices in the wilderness" for decades as we have watched Australia seemingly hell-bent on become worse and worse. The reason is that the protest and the ideas are only the icing on the cake, and if the cake beneath is rotten, what good is such beautiful icing? We are what we are (speaking of any good in our society) and we have what we have, because of our Christian heritage and foundation (we have something far better than Moslem nations, or Hindu nations, or any other Pagan nations). "Grace and truth came by Jesus Christ" (John 1:17). But Jesus Christ, Who created the very ground we stand on (Colossians 1:16), is being ignored – football is being worshipped more in this nation than is Christ our Creator and Saviour, and football is only one of many national idols.

    Unless the Lord Jesus is put forward as the answer, all good works which do not acknowledge Him and give Him absolute pre-eminence, are like more beautiful icing on a rotten cake, which is getting more rotten and unstable by the hour.

    God bless.

    Trevor W Sullivan

  7. Soothsayer says

    If anyone in Melbourne or Brisbane wants to do something, the Q Society is having Public Meetings next month, check out their website:

  8. Muslim prayer rooms at the afl are one of the first signs of much worse to come. The Australian Govt and sporting associations etc… need to clean up this mess before it spreads. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! The Australian Football League doesnt seem too Australian to me, now.

  9. By a quick reading it says prey rooms for all so why carn't christens go in there as well and sing hyms take in an egg and bacon roll and a glass of beer. If it is JUST for muslims than that is been against the law it has to be for all

    • Soothsayer says

      Technically I'm sure that Christians could go in there and pray and Buddhists could go there and meditate, but let's wait and see what happens when they do. Reports from other parts of the world indicate that they will end up being taken over by the Islamists.

      Anyway, I don't know many Buddhists who go to a football match and decide they need to meditate halfway through the game. Like they say there is a time and a place for everything.

      I don't know any Christians who need to go and pray whilst out socialising.

      • The University of Melbourne was required to provide muslim-only prayer rooms and even muslim-only women's toilets! RMIT had an all faiths prayer room but then had demands to make a separate one for muslims because female muslim students thought they might be unsafe mixing with non-muslims. I do not understand how such measures are not discriminatory. Football fans could help by boycotting AFL matches until the decision is reversed. The AFL could help by getting new airline sponsors. Air travellers could help by flying QANTAS instead of supporting muslim government airlines.

        • Soothsayer says

          I don't understand how such measures aren't discriminatory as well. Imagine if a white woman said she felt unsafe around muslim men or black men etc.,. She would basically be told to get over herself.

  10. peter traine says

    We can be proud of ourselves for helping destroy our kids lives with civil war and death. something to look forward to kids.

    • It seems inevitable doesn't it. At least people like ourselves can hold our head up high and say we did our bit and put the blame squarely where it is due, on the apathetic, the opportunists, and people who are racist towards whites.

  11. Marie Ecker says


    This seems to be the trend in Australia now, let's put our head in the sand and hope for the best….historically this model has failed in every other country, why would we be so ignorant and naive as to presume that what doesn't work elsewhere will work here!!

    Unfortunately, as much as I love this country I came to as a child from Europe, we are now well on the way to total disaster. These religious fundamentalists are breeding prolifically and we are paying them to do just that… sad is that!!

  12. The River Styx says

    We created this monster ourselves, by not changing our fuel choices to a better environmentally focused world. Then we would have no need for a carbon tax either. For years we have bought their oil and ignored the advice of those who know about such things. Now it has all caught up with us. We made thousands, of Sheiks and Kings we never heard of, wealthy beyond their wildest dreams, and they have done nothing for their people. They can take in every Muslim supposedly seeking asylum here or in UK and in USA. There is no need for them to knock on our door at all. We have given them such mighty monetary power and if it is not stemmed shortly, they will be unstoppable.

    Travelling by air as we do today, is one of the greatest ways to wreck the environment but no one ever mentions it and there are at least 3 billion people in our world who will never afford the price of a plane ticket. Even in Australia are people who have never been on a plane. We throw at least one phone a year on the dump, firstly because people have to have the latest, and secondly because of inferior workmanship and our economies rely on turn over. The buck has to stop somewhere. We are handed out this drivel every day by politicians ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE. Nothing has changed, except big industry using up our resources and throwing the waste of their products back on us to pay for it. If we would live more simpler lives, our world would not be screaming "STOP".

    As for prayer rooms, they are not to be allowed under any circumstance, anywhere in our country. Let the multi billionaire Sheikes and Kings, take them into their countries. They are their own people, they are more comfortable with Sharia, and Taqiyya, FGM, sex with animals, sex with children and all their other earthly pleasures. They will all be so happy with their own country people around them. Australia has to consider these questions. We cant hold Mass in Santa Sophia in Istanbul so where do they get their authority to do this. It must be an Australian who gives the ok to these people? Lets name names. I would if I knew who they were.

    We have lost the lives of our soldiers in Irac and Afghanistan, at great loss to their families and friends and the mates they serve with. We have spent untold billions on these two wars and they are now worse than before we went there. How much more in lives and billions of dollars will our governments squander on these people who don't give a rats ars about us.

    WE are paying the price of these follies. Our Politicians have so much to answer for.

    Kick the bastards out and, educate Australia at every opportunity we get of the true nature of Islamic Law.

    The pathetic display of Sarah Hanson-Young was almost all I could bare. She knows nothing about Muslims at all. She is putting our nation at great risk. The person she talked about who was a young man travelling night and day to get here, travelling through Muslim lands to get here. How stupid does she think we are. If it is so bad, why then are these kumbyah people like her, not saying the danger anyone is in within a Muslim country. No one calls her on it. No one. They get the tissues out and weep along with her.


  13. The Kuta Kid says

    = I keep saying, begging and pleading. DO SOMETHING PEOPLE, DO SOMETHING. EDUCATION IS THE KEY

  14. Flood their prayer rooms with others, preferably with seeing eye dogs


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