Silly old buggers

The phrase infamously used by Bob Hawke during an election campaign when approached by a pensioner in Whyalla.

BOB BELL: You get more a week than we get a year.
BOB HAWKE: [inaudible] you silly old bugger.

Twenty years on, Labor’s attitude towards pensioners, who have worked and paid tax all their lives to support this country, has hardly changed. In leaked cabinet documents, Prime Minister Julia Gillard voted against increasing the pension on the sole reason that “they don’t vote for us”[1]. Well Julia, they probably don’t vote for you because you stink. The Labor party has set about destroying everything older Australians have held dear and worked for all the lives, little wonder then they will not vote for labor.

src: Sydney Morning Herald

The message in this is clear – if you don’t agree with the Australian Labor party, you’ll be punished.

[1] Rudd denies being leaker, Sydney Morning Herald


  1. The River Styx says

    That quote of Julia Gillard about we having the world class health care is a load of Codswhallop and bullshit. WE used to, Past tense Ms. Gillard and like your hairstyle, totally out of date.

    I recently went to Bankstown Hospital to visit an elderly friend who had been in intensive care. When we arrived at the ward we could hardly get to our friends for the Muslims visiting their own people. We counted over forty of them and about 15 out of control kids screaming and playing chasings under and over the beds of very sick patients. To give a dirty look bought down their wrath on us.

    As a former worker at The Children's Hospital when it was at Campers=down, I thought stuff this, is going to stop. Our friend almost had her canula ripped from her body by these little savages twice and not one word of apology from their minders, In fact they encouraged these little monsters to do these things,. No respect at all. Not for the sick, the elderly or the staff.

    I went to see one of the sisters in charge and I said to her the law is two visitors per patient at a time. She shrugged her shoulders and said if we have tried to enforce this law we are threatened with death or to get us on the way home.

    After a little while she did come out and told them they had to go and to take control of their children. She stood her dig until they went. Many of them went, but those who remained ate their picnic lunches in the ward, and fed the kids their falafel and homous and bread and it was all trodden into to the floors and caused another health hazard,

    I think they will have to have security guards on every ward. Another cost to the Australian tax payer. We saw three older Australians laying on stretchers in the hallways waiting for beds. There was no room for an old Australian who had earned a place in a hospital bed in their twilight years. But, no. If a muslim does not get what he/she wants in our hospitals they begin to scream and intimidate the staff. They do this tactic in every walk of life in our country. The roads are full of their rage. They park on the nature strip at the Bankstown shopping centre, and double park for hours. If we did it we would be fined, but the police never come out on the street unless there is a stabbing at the station and they rarely leave their ivory tower. They are too afraid. They are not paid to be afraid they are paid to protect us,

    They must all go. Someone will take the law into their own hands one day because the pressure cooker of bad feelings toward these people through no fault of the Australians will explode. Just like it did at Cronulla, but it will be far worse than Cronulla was. But, we are ignored.

    Thanks to John Howard we have no guns, the Muslim criminals have them all, They have rocket launchers, rifles, pistols and explosives. They hide them under houses or in the roof of innocent Australians. When the people are away from their homes it is no problem for a couple of men to take several tiles off the roof and hide them by taping them with duck tape in the ceilings rafters of unsuspecting home owners. Or bury them under the pink batts.

    We cannot even defend ourselves. I hate guns, but we cant be unprotected. Many of us are going to die. We have been disarmed, and the criminals have them all. They shoot them off in drive by shootings on a nightly basis in the south west of Sydney. keystone cops.

    So, who is the Silly old Buggar now Bob Hawke? Dumped your faithful wife of many years and mother of your children. She put up with your long hours, and long hours of drinking while she was stuck at home.

    Now you have your little Princess Blanche who is having a few too many visits to the Plastic Surgeon these days. But, as long as you have trodden on many bodies to the top, you look happy enough. I wonder how our First Lady Hazel is doing today. Thank God that lovely lady cannot remember your cruelty. And your father and mother cannot see the man you have become.

  2. Being a "Silly Old Bugger" is one of the things on my list of "Things to Do" before I have the big sleep. I think our Pensioner's should get the Bonus NOT a Baby Bonus.

  3. how many candidates is APP running in this Federal election?

  4. klippies101 says

    is this the same as the bp nationals

  5. klippies101 says

    does australia have a national party

  6. I am very disappointed that Labor has sucked in the "young" vote hook, line and sinker. I feel that many young people vote for Labor simply because they fall for their spin. It is not surprising really as the ALP dominate the Australian media to a large extent and now that we have our first female PM, many are simply "star struck" and voting on 'gender' instead of policy, character, integrity, honesty and track record. I think it is time that mums and dad's talk to their children and as many young people as possible and point out that when voting one needs to look at several key areas to make an informed judgement. I generally look at the economic record (not election promises), border security, small business policy, worthwhile infrastructure projects, the rate of employment and government waste. On moral issues, I would like to see abortion stopped. If young people can be guided to consider what's important to them and then make an informed decision over a range of issues then governments will be forced to take their jobs seriously as Australians will be able to see through their lies and spin. Young people face a far more difficult situation in today's political world than ever before. It is not easy for them with such intense political bombardment through modern media. The informed voter will change the nation. On another note people, make sure when marking your ballot paper, press firmly on the pencil so your vote cannot be erased or altered. It has happened before.

  7. Gillard, Brown & Wong ,god help us, whats happened with the notion of a southeast asian union or are they leaving that till after,Bill Shortens spouse is Quinten Bryses daughter , Gillards patner works for an israeli lobby group ,PC & cowtowing to minority groups ,we aint seen nothing yet ,as said before the media are owned & useless ,Paris [France] is basically having a civil war at present, 2500 police injured this year in what is more than just riots ,but not in the news because it would show the multiculti utopia up for what it is .I found this site very informitive …. .

  8. klippies101 says

    to be honest abott nor julia has got my attention

    iam not sure who really to vote for maybe the national party

  9. VERY well said Morris.

  10. Haaaaaaaaa got a labour connect from Jullian Gillard saying we are experiencing World Class healthcare, meantime………liverpool hospital was unable to take in 2 seriously burnt people into their emergency this afternoon…..they had to stay in the ambulance and now liverpool hospital is closed to the public …… it to full … it understaffed……….GREAT WORLD CLASS HEALTHCARE……..WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE

  11. RomanGoddess says

    I hope the "silly old buggers" rise up against the Gen-Y losers and kick their arses to kingdom come. I know that I will not be giving up MY pension entitlements when I get there, just so a bunch of freeloading monkeys can get a new plasma TV. Socialists make good cannon fodder – I suggest we break out the BIG GUNS now…

    And who the F**K reckons Australia is a "democracy"??? Since when has the will of the masses been taken into account? There is overwhelming evidence (just from speaking with people on the street) that MOST AUSTRALIANS DON'T WANT MORE REFOS HERE. So what are the bleeding-heart socialist squanderers doing? Bringing them in by the truckload and giving THEM the entitlements which should go to the people who have EARNED them – pensioners and workers! Lazy bludging welfare whores popping out five brats to five different fathers get more money than I DO. Cut the baby bonus, cut foreign aid, cut welfare payments to the 'undeserving poor' – tell them to grow up, get a job and GET A LIFE. NOT at my frakking expense!

  12. Jack Richards says

    Hawke would have to be the greatest wanker this country ever produced. What really s***s me is that we're all still paying, and paying dearly, for the pompous old bastard and his two wives.

    At least his son saw the truth – and changed his name so people would not know he was related to old jelly-back.

    I can think of only one person I despise more than Hawke, and that would be that loathesome Prefect, Malcolm Fraser. Compared to those two turds, Julia doesn't smell that bad.

  13. June Brown says

    I dont think this is why pensioners dont vote for labor at all. In fact by the time one reaches pension age we have fulfilled our duty to our country in many ways – in war, in taxes, in producing children for our nation, building this country, and a host of things too numerous to mention. We dont really want to vote for any of these politicians. They are all a bunch of go getting, untrustworthy and selfish people who without any training in politics enter this arena, stay for a few yesrs and retire on what most pensioners have never earned in their lives. Especially in the case of the Labor party – they have forgotten their beginnings. Many like the pseudo Prime Minister came from working classes and this country educated her. We have given this gift to so many who came to our shores uninvited by the majority, we got stuck with them, and now they are in high positions and are very happy to forget their humble beginnings. My family did not get a choice – they came here in chains from Ireland and England – victims of the same cruel people we have to elect into parliament now. It stinks that we have no real talent to vote for. Good people would not have a bar of their dirty dealing and treachy. We did not come a long way with regard to politicians. They are low lives who get into their cushy jobs, with no regard for the people who voted for them. To think that working people actually died for the right to vote. Politicians are low lives, and we should not tolerate their low standards. Their scorn of pensioners is a testament to their failure. Second only in treachy are our press. They are hysterically inept. They lie just like their masters. Who exactly is the master? the politicians or the media. Freedom of the Press – for what? Freedom to lie?

  14. Gareth Connors says

    Lock and load bro's were going for bear so load heavy.

  15. Hawke has made quite a few appearances on tv lately, to try & drum up business for Ghoulia. I'd say he looks like the silly old bugger now!

    • localyokel says

      Not only he is the silly old bugger now, he is a greedy one as well.

      Together with Australia's version of Tammy Baker, r they would be making millions.

      Politicians' pensions should all be means tested as they all earn too much money.

      • Did you like my cartoon of them? he he i have several published in the Destiny magazine too, how I love taking the piss out of the far left

  16. Nicholas Folkes says


    You are spot on.

    Plato said, "One of the penalties of not taking an interest in politics means you'll end up being governed by your inferiors". How true, not much has changed in over 2,000 years with divisive and untruthworthy Politicians taking advantage of voter apathy.

    We need the quiet man to awaken.

  17. OzPatriot says

    The scum are only interested in popular grandstanding to stay in power – that's it!!

    It has been proven time and time again – just look at what Labor did in Britain to stay in power…..they continued to flood the burroughs with immigrants so the English would be outnumbered, knowing that the immigrants would vote for them because they provided housing, food vouchers etc etc etc

    They are pure evil and history has proven this

  18. Being one of those 'silly old buggers' I realised long ago that any socialist party does not have my best interests at heart. Socialism always without exception aims for control of the masses, not freedom (we know what's best for you and you'll like it too!). Freedom springs from individual responsibility for one's own life, and that freedom is God-given. This where the yanks got it right with their constitution. Unfortunately for them, their freedom is almost gone. Obama and his cronies will have a fight on the hands though once the SHTF – I predict civil war for them.

    My point is unless people are ready to pay more attention to political matters we too will lose our freedom as well. We've already lost quite a lot when considering how over-regulated we are in so many parts of our lives.

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