Open Day at Vipers’ Nest

A recent so called ‘open day’ at Lakemba Mosque in Sydney became the ‘try it out’ place for suggesting Australia adopt Shariah law. ‘Broad support for Shariah law’ ran one headline. You may wonder about the ‘broad’ part – and the fact that there are about 340,000 Muslims in Australia, or 1.7 per cent of the population, according to Australian Bureau of Statistics figures. And yet this 1.7 percent (unless there are some hidden wives under the bed or in the wardrobe or in the boot ) would like to dramatically alter the traditional system of law practised in this country. It was reported that:

THERE’S broad Muslim community support for aspects of Sharia law being adopted in Australia, a leading spokesman for the religion says. (source)

Leading spokesman? Of course  multiple wived, social security supported mouthpiece Keysar Trad hastened to add that  ‘harsh penal aspects of the law, including stoning and chopping off hands, will never work and aren’t being called for’. Not for now anyway, he meant to say. Keysar said it’s only a matter of ‘personal aspects of the law, particularly those involving marriage and inheritance’ which would be involved and these ‘would be broadly supported and would offer great help to ordinary Australian Muslims’. Well Trad smiles and shakes hands a lot [but probably not with women] and he says he’s only trying to help. [ more ]

Australian Islamist Monitor


  1. Hey I don't know why we are so upset about the Burka and its oppression of women when we have been just oppressive through the same means to nuns!! If we ban it we do it for nuns and Muslim women!
    In both situations it is just as oppressive and sexist. So if you look at one with a dim light you must look at the other the same. My opinion is that its the right of the women. So we should not be protesting the Burka but the oppression that people link to it. The link can be broken. If not then that same link is connected to nuns and their dress wear.

    • Nuns have a choice or right (nowdays) to be a nun or become secular. Most of Muslim women do not have a choice or right to live the way they want because apostacy (leaving Islam) is punishable by death. The punishment for apostasy is not common only in thirld world s*** holes but in countries as USA, Canada and, probably, Australia.
      It is dangerous for Muslim women even to rise the question of not wearing Burka.
      It was nice try though, Macca.

    • You fail to tale into account that NUNS wear the habit through FREE choice…….besides, most nun's these days do NOT wear it. It's only the old nuns or reclusive orders that continue to wear the traditional habit. The problem with Islam is that the burkah in many cases is forced upon women & girls. Especially in countries like Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and Iran….and closer to home, Acheh. Here in Australia many girls are co-ersed into wearing the hijab by the male members within their families. Given a choice many girls wouldn't wear it. If a muslim girl goes to a Islamic school here in Australia she is made to wear it. Don't confuse a woman's 'choice' as freedom….even here in Australia. In the countries I have quoted 'choice' and 'freedom' are non existent for a muslim woman. She merely falls into line to what is expected of her, or else………and that holds true for many muslim girls living in this country.

      • Oh yes and since you have recognized that it is not the hijab but the FORCING OF the hijab that is the problem, that is what you should be addressing. This forcing of traditions is cultural not religious as I have proved (read the Quran and tell me where it says 'wear a hijab') and thus we must stop this culture. We are already doing this with the counter culture of our secularist society, and it is working. The only people who are not changed are terrorists and I have previously said. our security is so strict that (Aus Bureau of Statistics) in every 10000 there is 1 – only ONE- possible security risk. and that's a possibility. they might not have done anything or even be thinking anything 'evil'. So calm down and stop getting pissed about Muslims, they're good people and they work hard to be here.

  2. Grahame(6thgen) says

    Death too all religion………………..permanantly!

  3. Get educated……..and fast!

  4. Get educated……..and fast!

  5. As for believers and non-believers, “The Cow” in the Qur’an mentions the Jews and Christians as being “of the book” and calls on them to remember thier covenent with God.

    It is a interpretation by some that leads them to believe that Jews and Christians are to be seen as un-believers in the eyes of Muslims.

    In my opinion, most incorrectly.



  6. Sharia is different depending on where you happen to go, what Islamic Philosophy is being practiced, what Arabic or Non-Arabic Tribe is dominant, how educated the society is and even how wealthy the region is where it is practiced along with the relevent history of that region.

    For example, Sharia is starkly different between say Saudi Arabia and Malaysia as much as Sharia is very different between Iran and Afganistan. With places such as Pakistan, Iraq, Kuwait and others having rather different versions again thanks to thier interactions with the West.



  7. If they want sharia law go live in a muslim country… Simple

  8. We need to expose the crims in the labor party and find out how much tax payers money MR Trad and others get.This has been going on for a long time.PAY OUTS AND KICK BACKS.

  9. logical-minded says

    LOOK! What has happened to the UK,Norway,Denmark and Canada (Toronto 18 Muslim group who try to destoy main trade complexes).These people try to invade and destroy Australian values. These folks want to dominate their ideology. Do not let these racist people to tarnish Australian image.These people are not religious.They use religion as a sheild to cover their sordid activities. Remember London 7/7 New York 9/11 and Madrid disasters who did these.

  10. The history of Western Civilisation was filled with people arguing about what laws should exist and who has the right to make them.
    We settled these disputes with Democracy.
    Everyone can have a say, for or against any proposed law, but a majority must be convinced one way or the other.
    Once a law is enacted it applies to everyone, whether they supported it or not.
    You can’t just decide you’ll have your own little law code, just for you.
    The idea of multiple law codes (including Aboriginal or Muslim) is ridiculous.

  11. paleface says

    so if muslims did rule australia for example or ruled it by force where does it leave christians like me

  12. There are 85 Sharia Law Courts in Great Britian with Sharia law entrenched in financial institutions. The British National Party is the only political party to speak up against Islamic colonisation of Britian which has been instigated by Labor and never opposed by any other party. Political correctness is only politically correct if it suits the majority of a country – Australia needs to ensure that the Australians of 2010 remain the majority – read more in the book at and sign the petition at the website if you want politicians to be our servants again and not our masters, in pursuing adverstities contained in international treaties.

  13. Michelle W says

    G'day all,

    I recently saw a story on Current Affair, or similar, about the founding the APP. I then located this w'site, and have read a bit, and believe that it's crucial to have a Party with philosophies I admire.. I'm interested in several issues, and hope that someone can help me out.

    Firstly, Is it likely that like minded people will be able to vote for the APP at the next Fed election.

    Secondly, has the Party been shown much interest? (I hope so) – from both the public and the media?.

    Thirdly, at a Fed election, which party would APP preferences, go to?

    It seems that the muslims may eventually outnumber Australian Aboriginals, and that would be a crying shame.

    Thanks in advance,
    Kind regards,
    Michelle W

    • Michelle, Muslims have already outnambered Aboriginals. APP is our last chance.

    • Darrin Hodges says

      Hi Michelle, we will be standing candidates in various states at the next election – we now have branches in every state so there is a fair chance you'll be able to vote APP at the next Federal election. APP have also attracted some modest media interest from various regional outlets as well as strong public interest via the 'net. With preferences , we are having our annual organisers meeting next Saturday where that topic will be decided on.


  14. OZPatriot says

    We all must ask why all this energy is going into trying to get Australians to understand muslims and islam?
    Why dont they go into a Christian Church in an attempt to understand the country they are now living in?
    They need to respect their host country – not the other way around.
    It should not take this much energy to 'understand' this backward and archaic religion, and if it does take this much energy, the religion should not be welcome here.
    We have tried for years to accommodate muslims and the marriage isnt working!
    None of us would stay in conventional marriage if it wasnt working, why should it be any different in this case?

  15. Tony Ryan says

    Some additions and corrections to the above:

    (1) There are already more Muslims in Australia than Aborigines; ignoring activist propaganda, there are about 0.75% Aborigines and 1.7% Muslims.

    (2) Only 11% of Australians are practicing Christians.

    (3) Muslims give me the pips; however, let's keep the scales level. The history of Christianity is hundreds of times more barbaric than that of Islam. Moreover, a great deal of mathematics, chemistry, architecture, physics, astronomy and other sciences came from Muslim Arabic culture, but the only thing to come from Christianity was enforced ignorance, repression (remember the Irish Monks, Leonardo Da Vinci, Galileo), enforced celebacy of monks and eviction of women from the Church (one third of the monks of the 4th – 8th century were women), and superstition; along with several religious wars and pogroms wherein millions were executed, enslaved, burned at the stake, and invariably tortured first.

    Moreover, Christianity was the prime rationale for exploitative colonialism.

    I say rid the world of Christians, Hindus, Zionists and Muslims, and the world will finally be at peace.

  16. happy infidel says

    Sorry about the multiple posts, admin told me I had to cut it into bit sized chunks

  17. happy infidel says

    6.In criminal cases such as offending islam or the prophet mohummad. punishments range from public whipping, cutting off hands and feet on opposite sides, stoning, beheading.
    7. a muslim man may have up to 4 wives. Although sharia states a man must have the income to look after them, they also believe that as everything belongs to allah having 4 wives whilst on welfare is well within their rights.
    8.As sharia law is islamic law, the law of whichever country they are in that is not islamic state, does not apply to them. IE: current Australian law would be superseeded by sharia.
    9. If a woman is assaulted either physicaly or sexually, she must produced 4 good upstanding muslim males to bear witness for her against the accused otherwise she will be charged with crimes, such as sex outside marriage (100-300 lashes publicly) or worse.

    This is just the tip of the sharia iceberg heading to sink Australia. I am sure others more attuned to islam will be able to expand this list by a great deal.

    I hope this helps paleface to show what islam is intent on bringing to this fair land of ours.

  18. happy infidel says

    1. a wommans testimony is worth 1/2 of a man.
    2.An infidel (nonmuslim) testimony is worth 1/2 of a muslims.
    3. A muslim may take a non muslim to sharia court, but a non muslim may not take a muslim to sharia court.
    4.A nonmuslim is considered to have lied at all times.
    5. A muslim man may divorce his wife by simply saying 3 times "I divorce you" either in person by phone or by text message. a muslim woman must basically conduct a criminal investigation into a muslim man to get the same result.

  19. Happy infidel says

    Paleface: to answer your question I will answer in reverse. yes sharia law is something you very much need to take notice of be fearful of and should resist greatly. but only if you are either a female or any gender of non islamic religeon (which islamic religeon relates to whichever islamic party is not in power at the time) shia or sunni.

    Sharia law is based upon the qoran hadith and sunna, the three texts which islam uses to rule. Sharia law is used by islam as their political arm of islam (which makes islam not a religeon but a political party). It covers everyt1. A wohing from how you can conduct your ablutions (doing number 2's) through civil procedures to criminal law. Some area's which are of concern pertaining to sharia law include:

  20. To understand the horrors of Sharia, Aussies need to study Islam's hairy history going back 1400 years to see what mass Muslim immigration will bring. In the past, they had to conquer a territory to set up Sharia, not just walk on in. Master all the key facts and see how deep the rabbit hole goes free with the Historyscoper at

  21. jovialau says

    Sharia law is the thin edge of the wedge, which is being used as a foundation from which to launch an overthrow of world governments to islam.I suggest that you download a movie called FITNA.Made in the
    Netherlands by Geert wilders.If it doesn`t cause you to lose a lot of sleep,then nothing will!!!!!!!!!! In answer to your question,Do we need to be afraid?Yes….We need to be very, very afraid.And hopefully,ultimately,galvanised to action!!

  22. paleface says

    Sharia attributes different legal rights to different groups. Sharia distinguishes between men and women, as well as between Muslims, "people of the Book" – Jews and Christians. Some scholars have included the religions of Zoroastrianism and Hinduism.

    Under 'Sharia' law non-Muslims must pay tax called Jizya if they want to live safely in Muslim states, otherwise the state refuses to protect them, even though it protects the Muslim citizens.

    Under Sharia a non-Muslim is worth half that of a Muslim (see Diyya) under certain circumstances[which?]; however, the dominant school of thought—the Hanafi school—is of the opinion that a non-Muslim is equal to a Muslim in worth in terms of Diyya[citation needed].

    [edit] Qanun

  23. paleface says

    this is what i was able to find to on wikipedia

    Sharia (Arabic: '‎شريعة Šarīʿa; [ʃɑˈriːɑ], "way" or "path") refers to the "way" Muslims should live or the "path" they must follow. Sharia is derived from the sacred text of Islam (the Qur'an), and Traditions (Hadith) gathered from the life of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad. There are different interpretations in some areas of Sharia, depending on the school of thought (Madh'hab), and the particular scholars (Ulema) involved. Traditionally, Islamic jurisprudence (Fiqh) interprets and refines Sharia by extending its principles to address new questions. Islamic judges (Qadi) apply the law, however modern application varies from country to country. Sharia deals with many aspects of life, including crime, politics, economics, banking, business, contracts, family, sexuality, hygiene, and social issues.

  24. Yes, the Vipers nest.

    couldn't have said it better myself.

    And all the dumb as dirt Aussies going down there, where it would be a whole lot easier to research what they believe from non biased sources.

    Some of the visitors left when the extremist Z. mathews started his speech.

    This mosque is a hotbed of extremism & should be kept monitored by ASIO.

  25. can someone please tell me what Shariah law’ is ? and isi t something we need to be afraid of

    • localyokel says

      I know that Shariah law places immense restrictions upon their women such as no education. They have to wear clothing that completely covers them so that their eyes are only visible. Other than that I have no idea. Such negative behaviour should not be adapted by Australians. Didn't Shariah law create Assylum seekers?

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