Eurocrats Urge the Government to Dissolve Opposition Parties

An EU report has recommended that organisations which it describes as ‘racist’ be dissolved and has described the BNP’s electoral success as ‘unpalatable’.

While not specifically calling on the BNP to be dissolved, it is clear from the context of the report that this is what is intended.

In a report released on Tuesday by the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI), for the Council of Europe, said it was “greatly concerned” about the democratic election of two BNP members, together with the  “substantial local support bases in certain regions”.

The ECRI asserts that emergency legislation adopted in 2002 should allow the UK government to dissolve legal and democratic organisations such as the BNP.

Aside from proposing anti-democratic manoeuvres, the ECRI makes the following recommendations:

1.)    Increased funding for Trevor Phillips’ race Gestapo; the heavily criticised Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC).

2.)    The construction of more pitches for gypsies and travellers.

3.)    Undocumented (bogus) asylum seekers should not be considered as criminals.

4.)    Further witch-hunting of the employees within the Home Office and UK Border Agency.

5.)    Provide more legal aid for employees that play the race card.

The commission is chaired by Latvian Nils Muiznieks, the author of several anti-nationalist publications, not a surprising choice given the federalist nature of the Council of Europe.

You may view the full report here.
British National Party.


  1. Crusader Gary says

    I wonder where these self rightchess,liberal,lefties will draw the line on intolerance.

    I bet the labour party is intolerant towards the liberal party and everybody is intolerant to the Greens.

    What about the poor Aussie who is intolerant to all the political parties that treat us like a mob of sheep.

    I am very proud of my people,my history,my culture,my heritage,

    Well if that makes me a redneck racist xenophobic islamphobic,I plead guilty as charged along with every other patriotic Australian.

  2. Nicholas Folkes says

    How about dissolving the EU? It is just another useless Socialist junket gone mad.

    The Tories aren't much better than Labor but at least Trevor Philips, Gordon Brown, Mandelsohn and Millibrand are out of their padded seats and onto the streets.

    "Don't treat illegals like criminals"?? Twisted logic indeed, just treat the tax payers as criminals.

    • Well with the way Europe is going financially, a break up of the EU is a pretty distinct possibility. I still can't believe people more people weren't pissed off about it and against it to begin with.

  3. localyokel says

    Racism from religious fanatics is being tolerated by Australians. Muslims regularly make racist slurs against Aussies to the media and nothing happens to them. What happens to political correctness then?

  4. Oh yes ………….and here is a prime example of a fascist group here in England….Paradoxically calling themselves 'Unite against Fascism'… a better example of Fascism you could not hope to see. As you will note, our CPS (Crown Prosecution Service, or Criminal Protection Service -take your pick) takes the view, that justice is blind, a little TOO literally. I await your comment.

  5. You to dont have a very good idea of our core Aussie beliefs. Now I'm 8th gen and my family is from a farm, so I know what it is to be fair dinckum Aussie. And trust me, Muslims and immigrants are just as able to meet the agenda, and they do it well. The crazy stereotyping of Muslims as terrorists will die eventually and then you'll all have to say sorry (again!). You guys should give people a fair go and not judge unless you have actual proof – coz you clearly dont. We need to expel stupid people,like terrorists but we also have to expel stupid people that are oppressive and anti-liberty, like the fascist groups in the UK – they're a good example. In Australia these fascists would be Pauline Hanson and the like – get rid of them!

    • Crusader Gary says

      We Aussies Know what a fair go is. But Muslims and the rest of the third world migrants don`t and you are right,they do quiet well But through the proceeds of crime(middle eastern gangs, Asian gangs and now African crime gangs.

      you say that we stereotype.I would say if it walks like a duck quacks like a duck and looks like a duck than logic would tell you it`s a DUCK.

      As for Pauline Hanson God Bless her

    • Macca youre a lefty troll,andrew bolt,miranda devine,akerman,there you are with your leftist bile,and i can tell by your syntax your an active laborite/muslim apologist the david hicks of blog world!

  6. Many Australians state that they are proud to live in such a free country. Just look at all the different races and cultures that live here. Just look at the rights they have. Just look at their rights in law to protect their cultures and race related ideologies. Just look at this free country of ours…er…umm…wait a minute, there is in this free country one race that does not have these rights! There is one cultural group that is not permitted to stand up for itself. Isn't that racism? Yes is is! Who is this outcast cultural/racial group in this free country of ours I hear you ask. Why it is us….European heritage Australians. We have no rights in this country when it comes to protection of our racial and cultural status. Go figure!

    • AustralianPatriot says

      @Patrioticaussie, Aye, You're absolutely right, you speak more truth than any of the comments above. As you probably already know, multiculturalism today is a sham. What happens when you mix so many different, bright, beautiful and colourful paints together? The result usually is a drab, dreary looking "nothing" colour. Welcome to the West, cultureless, home of disaffected youths and the "free;" like you said. We began this country, only more non-whites can make it "multicultural." My belief is that this is not so much a problem in Australia as it is globally throughout the West. Such is the influence from Europe and the Usa, that how can we abandon these beliefs here while they still continue overseas too? They are currently experiencing the same problem, with the same general public attitudes too. We can only try and set an example aye? (An admittedly self-righteous one too =)

      At twenty-two, I am a youth with much more to learn just yet, but I have seen more and more fellow white-heritage youths waking up to this. Our generation is gradually awakening. It's just a shame it's not fast enough at the moment, too many youths only ever want to engage in mindless fun and small-talk, because it is the easiest and most accepted realm of being and communication. All in all I don't understand fully what these "Eurocrats" are so afraid of? A person can acknowledge their own preference for their own people without falling into bigotry, hatred, and other forms of race-centered, self-image enhancement.

      "Rather than love, than money, than faith, than fame, than fairness… give me truth." – Christopher McCandless

  7. Dave Tierney says

    All I can say is that they must be getting worried about a party that represents the view of so many people. If Australian politicians start to suggest the same things about the APP, we'll know we have them worried.

  8. pale face says

    i think we r going to get to a stage of complete government control . the cops can do random stop and searches now and the control of the interent soon what we watch and think will be forced on us. the bannin of our christian beliefs will be next

  9. Jack Richards says

    Isn’t this exactly what Hitler, Mussolini and Lenin/Stalin did? First you ban “unpalatable” political movements; then you make membership either covert or overt a crime; then you establish gulags and execution squads for those who harbor “dangerous thoughts”.

    Totalitariamism on the march for sure. George Orwell got it wrong by about 50 years – it should have been 2034 rather than 1984.

    No doubt we’ll soon be wildly celebrating in the streets when Chairman Rudd announces that the chocolate ration has been increased from 200gm to 120gm a week.

    Remember fellow patriots: Ignorance is strength!

  10. Nowhere in the world can we afford racism to be tollerated, but nowhere should anti-democracy be tolerated. What should be mandated, is the instilling (in the people of the world) of a strict Code of Conduct, as covered in the book at – the best politically incorrect book of 2010 to fix up decaying democracy and revert governments to being servants rather than inept masters.

    • Why can’t ‘racism’ be ‘tolerated’ Rachel? It is just an idea, a perspective. Should any idea be considered a crime, in and of itself?

      We are entering an age of Thoughtcrime now, where only the officially approved thoughts, ideas and speech will be ‘tolerated’.
      This is what makes the ‘anti-nazis’ the actual Nazis.
      It doesn’t matter whether your Thought Police State is intended to be benevolent. “Nice” Nazis are still Nazis.

      The problem here is that nationalism and culturalism are being defined as ‘racism’ by their enemies. ‘Racists’ are the new Witches, with the villagers prodded to get out their torches and pitchforks by Nice Nazis.

    • Yes, Rachel, why can't racism be tolerated? We're being asked to tolaterate all sorts of foreign crap so why can't we also be allowed to tolerate racism? Afterall, one man's racism is another man's nationalism.

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