Norway Pays Bitter Price for Mass Third World Immigration

All 21 reported cases of rape with aggravated assault — the highest number since records were started — in the Norwegian capital of Oslo last year were committed by “non-Western immigrants” and 90 percent of all rape victims were Norwegian women, police have announced.

Oslo police spokesman Hanne Kristine Rohde defied the strictures of political correctness to release the figures in an interview on the national Norwegian broadcaster, NRK. She said she was aware that the “statistics are controversial.”

When she was asked by NRK if the police were not “stigmatising an entire community” by releasing the statistics, Ms Rohde said she “wants to contribute to a better and safe world. That’s why the truth needs to be told. I hope the debate will focus on that,” she told NRK.

According to the police figures, the number of rapes with violent assault committed in Oslo also doubled compared to 2008. According to the police statement, “in each and every case, not only in 2008 and 2009 but also in 2007, the offender was a non-Western immigrant. At the same time, in 9 out of 10 cases, the victim was Norwegian, not just by nationality, but also by ethnicity.”

The NRK report concluded that “not a single one of the offenders had a Western background. Four people have been arrested. In all other cases, the victims reported that the offenders either looked like non-Western immigrants, or they spoke a non-Western language. Not a single case has been connected to a Western man.”

According to official figures released in 2008, Third World immigration accounted for 25 percent of Oslo’s population. Data from the city and state statistics bureau shows that of Oslo’s 560,484 residents, 137,878 were immigrants.

The largest single immigrant group continues to be from Pakistan. Next in line is Somalia. Other countries with relatively large immigrant groups in Oslo include Sri Lanka, Iraq, Turkey, Vietnam and Iran.

In addition, an ever growing group of Third World immigrants is dependent on welfare. A study by Tyra Ekhaugen of the Frisch Centre for Economic Research and the University of Oslo concluded that immigration has increased the pressure on the welfare state, because many immigrants do not join the tax-paying part of the population.

Third World immigrants are, the study showed, recipients of social security benefits at a rate ten times that of native Norwegians — destroying the liberal argument used by pro-immigration politicians in Norway that immigration was necessary to maintain the social welfare state.

More than half of all social security benefits in the city of Oslo are spent on non-Western immigrants. Immigrants from Africa have the highest unemployment rate, with official figures in 2005 showing a black unemployment rate of 17.5 percent.

Immigrants from Asia had an unemployment rate of 12.3 percent, while those from South and Central America had an unemployment rate of 10.1 percent. The average unemployment rate amongst native Norwegians was 2.4 percent.
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  1. Jack Richards says

    Inicidentally, Edward Spowart was a Fijian Indian and he was stabbed to death because he did not smoke. The Sudanese wanted cigarettes and when Spowart didn’t have any, they flew into a rage and murdered him.

  2. Jack Richards says


    The Daily Telegraph today reports on the seamless integration of Sudanese youths into ethnic pressure cooker of Blacktown in Sydney’s West.

    We’re told that

    The Sudanese community has come a long way since being scapegoated as criminals a few year ago. But many obstacles lie ahead, writes Joel Gibson.

    but then we’re advised that

    It was October 2007, and the political storm followed a series of violent incidents in Melbourne where Sudanese youths were more often the victims than the perpetrators

    But then Gibson shows the PC brigade at work in MSM

    Even when five Sudanese men aged 16 to 28 were charged over the murder of 54-year-old Edward Spowart near Granville railway station in May 2008, the incident passed almost without mention of the attackers’ background.

    But these “five” attackers were dealt with harshly by the courts, as Gibson reports

    When charges were laid over Mr Spowart’s murder, a group of Sudanese community leaders wrote a submission to the court explaining the background of some of the men involved, which was taken into account by the sentencing judge.

    But the Law rolled on and

    Three of the group have since been convicted of affray, with two receiving good behaviour bonds. One was convicted of murder and is to be sentenced in April, while the last has been charged with murder and awaits a hearing into whether he is fit to stand trial.

    This article nearly made me puke. Talk about a whitewash and shifting the blame. Can you imagine the foaming fury of the MSM if five “white racists” had murdered a Black? It would have been a “hate crime” and there’d have been a whole new Government Department set up to deal with it – and whites wouldn’t have gotten off with good behaviour bonds.

    Apparently, when a gang of 20 or more Sudnaese block the entrance to a shopping Mall, we Australians really need to understand that”

    ”People like to move in groups and it’s a cultural thing,” says Adol Takpiny, the Sudanese community liaison officer at the NSW Attorney-General’s Department. ”You see four or five people, tall gentlemen, moving together and people get intimidated. It creates issues for them with police who ask them to move on and they say, ‘I have a right to be here’.”

    ”Police have to understand where these young people are coming from given their experience at home being abused or beaten up by police. They can get defensive, aggressive, fearful. Body language can be misinterpreted.”

    In other words, it would be a good idea for the Police to DO NOTHING as it will upset the Sudanese, who have every right to molest and intimidate anyone they like.

    These disgusting creatures are the seeds that will grow and make western Sydney into a lawless black ghetto like so many cities in the USA and UK. It’s already started!

  3. Another thing that destroys themselves is there own greed. I can't understand how a big business moves off shore or sells to overseas and then the same business operates, here in Australia. It goes back to cheap labour and inferior products. Take Woolworths being boycotted in a small town who didn't want them because they were intruding on the small town country people, not using this towns cheese and milk and other produce it is highly regarded for. This alone would hurt them.

    How immigration helps them, maybe food businesses because that is a necessity but unless we reduce our wages and live like slaves and farmers reduce costs of there product, then business here will fail. Do you want to be a China, I don't

  4. I do know Multi-culturalism has to stop for awhile before this country is destroyed. Our families need more supporting before anyone else. Crimson thinks i have a political view but seriously Mike. I will be voting Family First, Non custodial Parents Party and APP in that order because of my children. Crimson just keeps downgrading us like the left do, They don't like us having a view, Mike and will say all sorts of things, like we won't be able to get somewhere etc. I guess Crimson said was for Socialist, then said this APP was better but has done nothing but try to stop our voic. Well i am sick of being shoved to the low of pile while all these others get my money and children and abuse me then get away with it because of Left ideology

    • Multiculturalism doesn't have to stop Sandon, what needs to begin is people in Australia have to learn what their history and culture is. This "First Fleet arrived, then there was WW I where some people died thus we have ANZAC day, then there was WW II that is how we know war is bad, and now we are all mutlicultural and happy thanks to such and such doing this or that" view of history that is taught to our children is certainly not going to instill in them any form of cultural identity or sense of national connection.

      People may actually respect Australian Culture and Identity if they knew what it was.

      And that is exactly what the government and the ideologies behind them want, unconnected people will do as they are told.



  5. The way Crimson is talking mike is of a communist type government, something we are all against. She or He said, i was having political views, well duh! so is Crimson and everyone else here. I seem to remember Crimsom mentioning the Socialist Alliance, they are communist.

    Far as i am concerned Mike, Minorities have ruined this country and any left agenda is why. Left listen to only these minorities, who should have no more right then the rest of us. The left claim what they have done is all our fault. Then we have to pay for something we shouldn't. They then come back with the false statistic rubbish and things like we are convicts. Well if we are convicts then why aren't we in prison? I iterate that i do not care what colour or creed someone is as long as they are not abusing me or my people in any way.

    • Sandon, the government i'd like to see for Australia is something more along the lines of the strong republicanist government of the US of A, i am a monarchist personally, that said, the way in which the US of A is governed is something Australians should aspire to.

      My mentioning of the Socialist Parties is only in refference to the need to build different alliances by the APP to gain some traction in progressing its politcal agenda. I may not totally agree with the APP but i do admire the foghting spirit and believe the APP as a party may make a valuale contribution in the future.

      All the statistics i have given are true and accurate and are the same statisics used by the UN in comparing global crime rates.

      The only reason Australians don't go to jail is because of two things, one the government couldn't afford it and second, the combined forces of organised feminism, liberalism and socialism in Australia don't believe in social governence of any form. In Queensland it is now against the law to send someone to prison except as the absolute last resort.



  6. Crimson want this well i don't. I would rather kill myself then live in slum. The tax system here is what is killing big business and the reason the tax is so high here is to support all these minorities. However, if our business had better tax breaks, we the people did also, we would buy more of these businesses. Our products would most likely be of better quality and they would be sort after in other rich countries. This would help business in a much bigger way. They would most likely want to stay here and give us more to produce there products. We would then have more employed, making more money being able to buy more from these big businesses. Look at ABC Childcare, supported by us the tax payer. Only when he went overseas, he ruined the whole lot and ruined many of us with him. Before that it was pretty good.

    Other countries do not have the high grade we have here.

    • Australia has such a high rate of taxation simply because more than 10% of the nations work force is directly employed by government. The public service in Queensland is nudging 250,000 people. That equates to nationaly the taxes of 8 workers to pay the wages of two, that is not something that can continue, it is slowly bankrupting the country. The other big burdon on the tax payer is pensions, aged pensions primarily. Another burdon is government waste, the government wastes or mispends more money than most people could comprehend and what isn't wasted is the victim of corruption.

      A new road in Queensland is costing AU$1,000,000 per metre of roadway, and yes that is the correct number of '0's.



  7. For big business here to survive, they use these other countries and sell to us. Those countries also benefit from these businesses taxes. The only way the GOVERNMENT economy will succeed is to give us below poverty line wages so big business can stay here, then big business would have to sell to another country because we would not be able to afford it.

  8. Countries such as China who produce cheap products, rely on countries from the west to keep there economy going because none of the citizens can buy there crap, they can't afford to because they no money.

  9. Mike, i beg to differ about big business. Of course big business go of shore because of cheap labour and swiss bank accounts. It is because of tax here and our labour costs. Are you prepared to lower your wage? I ain't not with the cost of everything here. The only way immigration helps big business is if they give them less pay under lets say, training, then who pays the short fall? The tax payer, us. We have ended up paying so much tax, that we can't survive now so how are we going to support bigger businesses? Just go and look in Centrelink at the brochures, help for immigrants etc. They can afford to work for less because they get subsidised by our money.

    How can immigration help. If we all got the same for instance but our tax is higher then you or i or an immigrant can't afford to support big business. The only way they can survive is les labour costs and importing inferior products.

    Back in the day Lyn is talking of, we had Telecom and Kraft and Ansett and Quantas and all of them. They had to be sold to get us out of debt or the business decided cheaper labour would give them more profits. Having more people here is not going to help them in anyway, not if we are all poor.

    • Business needs people to sell their products to Sandon, simple as that, with interntational competitiveness being lost by Australian businesses due to taxation/compliance costs along with labour costs mean they need a larger domestic market to sell to.

      Since Australians, even migrants simply refuse to breed the only way to grow the domestic market is to import people and import a lot of them.

      Normally those migrants would come from the UK, only in 2009 did another country take the top spot away from the UK and that was China, thanks largely to normal immigration plus the numbers of Chinese students deciding to stay after completing their studies.

      Believe me, there is nothing the two political parties in Australia want more than the asianisation of the Australian population for the benifit of trade and security links with the Asian Region to our North.

      And all the APP has to offer is "hate the Muslims"…



  10. A lot of things get hidden in this country and a lot of racial violence gets hidden when it is other cultures compared to whites. I would even say the 25% Aboriginals in custody would probably see half of them in there for ridiculous claims also.

    You say 20 000 reported sexual assault, well lets look at that. Tell me how many were fake. I can tell you a gay man who i befriended, to be friends, tried to harass me for 2 or more hours. Didn't matter what i said to him though and if i went to the cops, i would have been laughed at. So he got a flogging. If i did that to him or a woman i would have been the worst prick in the world.

    I am sick of people turning around with the convict crap also. I am not a convict and myself and my parents and my grandparents were born here. Further back i am unsure but if my ancestors were convicts, then what, should i be a convict also? You are a hypocrite yourself Crimson.

    Stop doing the left thing to do and no matter what you say, everyone will always be wrong. Thing is we are right and you left know it.

  11. Media are liars Crimson and have been always. They create scandal for self profit. Try reading some of the fathers rights sites sometime and see how discriminative this government is.

    If you want true statistics lets seperate all races and see which have raped the most. I disapprove of anyone who commits rape.

    Laws are biased in this country and all these alledged rapes could be rapes of consent, hell feminists claim it is rape when a man is on top. Now that is just ridiculous but i imagine these gang rapes and false accusations of rape would boost our prison intake.

    Speaking of muslim, it is there culture to rape women and i guess none would be reported because the way women are treated by these hypocrits. Which makes you a hypocrit yourself. These women would not be able to be let outside, let alone claim a man in there apparent religion raped them. They still have to dress head to toe in this country where it is discrimination and sexist with any other woman. Of course if that is how these women like it then that is there choice but i bet it isn't there choice. They are the only ones allowed to marry 9 wives.

  12. Very good reply Catty, although I do feel Crimson isn't one of those in your face lefties and I do agree with her on some points, such as it is big buisness that is bringing in these unwanted immigrants, not only the government with their one world order, as if that wasn't bad enough.
    And yes you are right, whites were forced here, the same as those black Africans in America who use that excuse to do and say what they like.
    Whether Crimson, the Aborigines or these invading hordes now like it or not, the majority of white Australians more than have a right to this country after the success they have made Australia against all odds

    • Mike, i am neither a leftist or a rightist, i have refused to vote all of my life because i believe in a government not controlled by the corrupt ideologies both political factions force upon a population who by and large don't know any better. I am an Australian, as much as many others are, however i can not consent to being governed by an ideologically driven system that places belief above the rights of the citizen. Australia and Australians deserve a government that is representative of them as citizens not representative of ideologies in conflict.

      The problem with anti-immigration believeers is that the government stated that they were bringing in only migrants from the UK/Europe/US of A not one of them would have problem with it regardless of how many of the above were allowed to migrate here. And those mentioned above aren't Australian with completely different cultures, yet we would allow their influence to destroy what it is to be Australian? Why? Because they're white?

      Racist? Indeed…



  13. Hear,Hear!!

  14. Crimson – I wouldn't class convicts as migrants. They came out here by force in filthy inhumane conditions. Many died, including women and children. I am a descendant of two people who came out on the First Fleet. Against all odds, this country was forged by their blood, sweat and tears after facing starvation, only to be saved by the arrival of the Second Fleet. Our people fought in two world wars, and as a nation we barely hung on. Our population was a mere 7 million during WW2. After many losses we recognised the urgency to replenish the nation if it was to have a future. Hence the mass migration of European & British families. After a few hiccups, most settled in well. They settled in well because they were of similar Western background. We shared similar values, heritage and religion. That is not the case today………..and if you were totally honest, you will admit that we are going to have serious problems down the track by allowing cultures that are entirely alien to our own. That is not racist……..that is being a realist. You are being grossly optimistic if you think we are going to all hug one another and sing Kumbya. Name me one country where multi-culturalism has succeeded. Australia's immigration program worked in the early years because we bought in like minded people. The immigration of today is setting this country up for future civil war and vicious race riots. Riots have already taken place in Britain, USA and France. We are headed for the same because people like you (in their arrogance) sought to force 'multi-culturalism' down our throats.

    • Lyn, i am not pushing multicultural anything, i am merely pointing out the obvious and over-looked facts.

      People seam so fearfull of a religion that is growing slower than Budhism or Hinduism here in Australia, fearfull of a population that is growing slower than the Chinese, New Zealander and other ethnic groups inclusing people from the Sub Continent who are as racist if not more so than people believe White Australians to be. Yet people try and justify their irrational fear by resorting to arguments that are nothing sort of being both factually incorrect but easily seen to be nothing more than racist fear-mongery.

      Most people who argue for the protection of the Australian Culture and way of life neither understand the two or would condone either of them if they knew the truth.

      There is no doubt the likelyhood of civil conflict in Australia and race will more than likely play no role in it, poverty will fuel the flames of our own self destruction, once Australian's millions who are living under the poverty line decide that they will no longer be the stepping stones for elitist wealth and power, it will take more than guns to stop them.



  15. As for as crime reporting goes in Australia, it is systematically under-reported because so much of the Australioan economy is driven by tourism and we do not want the international reputation of Australia destroyed by this nations inability to police itself. Immigration in Australia is a completely different experience as oposed to Norway, comparing the two would be akin to comparing the proverbial apples to oranges. Remember, every white person in Australia is either a migrant or a child there-of, making any argument against immigration rather hypocritical and open to being interpreted as racist. And as far as the APP goes i doubt many of its members are Aboriginals, thus as a party arguing against immigration it certainly will be labled a One Nation clone and dealt with as such by the media at large.



    • I don't think my views are political Crimson, i think yours are based on falsified statistics though. You were the one to compare apples with oranges and it was me who pointed this out to you. Of these rape cases you report, how many are in fact sexual assault that were grossly lied about by women claiming abuse only to keep there children? This isn't a one nation clone. Do you even know any of us Crimson. Would you consider my best friend was croation, most of my friends in school were Aboriginal, in fact our primary school had some of the best boxers in Australia, trained by my Aboriginal friends dad, a club i was a part of.

      I have no problem with any race but i do not want to be ruled by communists
      or have violent cultures rape our women or gang bash our guys.

      I don't want to be called racist when i am not.
      I could care less about muslim, christian or any religion as long as i hold myself morally, then it isn't anyone else business.

      • As far as the statistics are concerned Sandon, there are over 20,000 sexual assualts reported in Australia every year with that number growing 4% year on year, this number is only the sum of crimes reported in Australia, collected then published by the ABS.

        To say that Islam condones such behaviour is nothng short of ignorance wrapped in extreme arrogance, every Islamic Republic has the death penalty for rape where-as in Queensland 1 in 8 sex offenders escape jail sentences. So who is exactly conding this behabiour? Liberal Christian Judges who let paedophiles walk free from court after being found guilty or Islamic Courts who recently beheaded and crudified a paedophile in Saudi Arabia?

        As for gang violence the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs in Australia are some of the most violent offenders in the World and very few allow Muslims or Middle-Easterners as members and the last time i checked you had to be Roman Cathoic to joint the Mafia, Chinese to join the Triad and Vietnames to join the 5T.



  16. Sandon,

    I appreciate the time you've obviously taken to present your point of view here. I will get to my own personal political views in good time, however, for now let us stick to the topic at hand.

    In comparison, the US of A in 2001 reported 95,000 rape cases where as in Australia the number was 15,000 rape cases, the difference being that the US of A has 15 times the population. On average there are over 20,000 reported sexual assualts in Australia and it is the only crime that has managed an upward trend year on year, by 4%.

    If you were to visit Queenslands main sex offender prison facility (Wolsten Correctional Centre, Wacol) you'll find that there are in-fact virtually no Muslims (in-fact the numbers of Muslims in Queensland Prisons is in the single digit range) and the two most represented gruops easilty being White Australians and Aboriginals. Aboriginals acount for 25% of Australia's prison population, which is relative proof that crime has more to do with poverty and social position than it does with anythng else.



  17. Given that ASIO gave instructions NOT to let in certain ethnic groups because of their history of voilence, I'd say that they would be very interested in hearing comments on this site. As for the media, I couldn't give damn what they think, i've had enough of their discrimatory, racist lies and I hold them just as responisble as I do the traitors that run this country. But yes, I do agree with you that some people hogg up this site with comments that on occasion do not make sense. Even I have had to try and cut down on my swearing, but given the area I now live in, (crawling with voilent Africans,) it does get a little hard. My wish is for the people that forced us into this hellhole, live amongst these immigrant white-hating racist's themselves, before they point the waycist finger at the likes of me.
    Any media exposure, good or bad (and it will be bad, given the likes of who conrolls the lying media these day…I feel sick when I watch them on tele every year, handing out awards for 'honest, reliable reporting…uuggh!) will bring the curious to this site.
    Can't wait to buy my APP shirt and wear it around my area in Perth!

  18. Dave Tierney says

    Come on boys and girls, the APP aspires to be a mainstream political party and some of the comments on this site are just not appropriate if we are to attract members and votes. I feel sure that this site is being monitored by the media and all of the other parties and perhaps even ASIO. They must all be wetting their pants with laughter after reading some of the posts. When we get enough members to register with the Electoral Commission, the real scrutiny will start and unless we lift our game, we will be crucifed in the same way as One Nation was.

  19. Hey Crimson i love how you used the word ONLY as if only 21 women being raped is a good thing. It should be none.

  20. By using Oslo as an emple compared to the whole of queensland is ludicrous. Maybe Brisbane on a par but not the rest of Queensland. I would also point out all the rubbish statistics that involve consensual sex as being rape and all the othe ridiculous ideologies. How bout, DVO, where a lot of women lie just so they can keep the children and get money for nothing.

    Time and time again i say to anyone if they bring statistics into it are blinded, because statistics do not hold true figures and usually are a lie. They are made for media scandal to produce money and government to impose new rubbish laws and pretend to be in the need of more power. Basically statistics are corruption.

  21. Oh by the way oslo is a city in a small countyr not a state

  22. You keep mentioning the Socialist Alliance. I don't know what they stand for and since my worries mainly include children at this point intime, i decided to search for parties in the best interests of Australian as a whole, reason being, there are many areas i see Australia going down the toilet with. I studied some policies that were equal, individul rights and Australia as a whole. I have come across about 8 parties and 2 for my purpose are FAmily First and Non-Custodial Parents party. I looked at this Socialist alliance and all i could gather was it stood for marxist and communism, even socialism, by it name suggests. Is this true? What are there policies because i couldn't find any?

  23. It isn't about immigration, it is about, bringing the wrong culture here. Immigration has not boosted the economy. It has destroyed it. In another post you wrote how it is poverty because of bad management by government. I agree with the bad management but lets not forget the huge amounts of tax we pay to subsidise all these minorities, that is why there is poverty.

    If you fail to see how immigration has hurt us then why are you here? Is it to debate us or to join us.

  24. Oslo only had 21 reported cases of rape?

    Someone should tell the Queensland Police to go to Oslo and find out what they’re doing to keep their figures so low.

    Sorry, i fail to see how the immigration experience of Norway is in some way comparible to Australia. Considering 25% of Australia’s population weren’t born here an we have an average unemployment rate of 5.5% or there abouts.



  25. How bout we use a place like Perth where African blacks gang rape women and see what the result is. Lets see which culture mainly rape and then see how truthful your knowlege is. All i see is government bringing into this country, rapists, thereby making these statistics worse then they should be. Then we have a generation or 2 of men missing out on there children because of this s***. Abuse against women Australia says no, True that but abuse against everyone Australia says NO! Far as i am concerned government have ruined many a life because of there bulls*** schemes and wrongful statistics. DIVIDE & RULE

  26. I am strating to think you are a troll fishing for info but with leaning toward another disruptive party, hoping to make all decent parties join as one but the immediate damage that would do is this. Only certain people would follow the new party, where as all the followers of each party can vote for that party.

    Having them seperate for the moment and giving each other seats is best.

    Family is the biggest issue because in tact families, whether seperated but civil is the best to get this country back to where it was. All this Divide and Rule bulls*** has got to stop. If it doesn't, we are then headed for war.

  27. The unemployment rate is rubbish as is every other bull statistic made up by a self serving government. You may seem to forget the poor struggling person with only 15 hours per week work, not able to be subsidised by a discriminative social security system.

    You may forget about the women who steal a mans child then a government who applauds her for this and steals his money too, leaving him in a poverty situation.

    Minorities, even though i say need some form of help to begin have ruined the rest of us who slave our arse of. It isn't the immigration in the past but now because it is having a devastating affect on us all, including, taking our jobs, taking our money, beating innocent people, raping innocent women, making us be classed as racists and all sorts of s***, when they themselves are the racists.

    I fail to see the truth in your point.

  28. It seems everywhere you look there is a lie somewhere DAZZ, which bring us to the point that all government are corrupt and playing the divide and rule game. Creating havoc amongst us so we get sidetracked at what they are really doing, which is trying to gain more and more power so they eventually have us all running around saying "yes sir, no sir, 3 bags full sir"

    New World Order here we come, or is that just a polite way of saying one world government, we are stuffed?

    • Sandon, the fact that I could not this reported in any news article including Norwegian press, and that this sourced from the BNP website shows that this is all made up purely to push a racist agenda. making up stories to push any argument is pretty weak.

      • I agree, Media and government will always use each other for there own agendas. It is hard to believe anything anymore. I myself never listen to any statistic because they always other bits and pieces not really related to the true outcome. Usually these statistics create arguments between races and sexes, making it harder and harder to know the real truth or what is right. It is just bull the whole lot because it destroyes us all emotionally, financially and who we really are.

  29. this article is fabricated. google shows the article only showing up in right wing blog sites. nothing in google news…

  30. "Third World immigration accounted for 25 percent of Oslo’s population." is not true. it is true that 25% of Oslo's inhabitants are immigrants. Swedes are the third biggest migrant group. and also Danes make up some of the migrants.

  31. I suggest that people do some research on these SUBVERSIVE FABIANs.
    Many politicians on both sides of politics have been/are members of this LEFTIST society!

    Here are a few thing I have found out about them:-

    This is very informative and interesting on these SUBVERSIVE FABIANS:-

    This is a picture of their famous stained glass window:-

    Look closely and you will see:-
    1 The wolf in sheep's clothing
    2 The hammer being used to remodel the world to their will
    3 The book with the title "New World Order"
    There are probably other hidden things in there also, these are just the obvious ones!

  32. Hi,
    A couple of things….
    1. Just watch the way Rudd shakes hands…. It is a Masonic grip… Kevy’s working towards completion of the great work…..
    2. Why do you think we have the Criminal Justice System… called just that…??
    3. There is a real Satanists network at work in Sydney and has running amuck for a long while….. it’s worldwide….
    4. Concentrated thought power is the only way to bring them down… as the system is geared in such a way that fighting in anyway shape or form is playing into their hands….
    5. Karma will be swift for their souls – watch them come undone as we move toward the energetic events to come…..

    • Like i have said before – Africa is a wonderful example of black empowerment – isnt it??!!

      • Yep, even in there government they promote gang rape so how can it be different anywhere else. All the girls raped by such gangs in our own country must really feel disheartened and betrayed, i am sure. All through stupid government ideologies, that have for the past 40 years really given us a hiding.

  33. I suggest that people do some research on these SUBVERSIVE FABIANs.
    Many politicians on both sides of politics have been/are members of this LEFTIST society!

    Here are a few thing I have found out about them:-

    This is very informative and interesting on these SUBVERSIVE FABIANS:-

    This is a picture of their famous stained glass window:-

    Look closely and you will see:-
    1 The wolf in sheep's clothing
    2 The hammer being used to remodel the world to their will
    3 The book with the title "New World Order"
    There are probably other hidden things in there also, these are just the obvious ones!

  34. Unfortuneatley until the Caucasian race wakes up to itself that it is being deliberately erradicated from the world by the true psycopaths of society, the white far left, (the immigrants are only their footsoilders) and the traitors dealt with for good, nothing is going to change. After all, if the lowest reproducing race in the world deliberately allows the highest breeding, most racist and agressive ethnic groups into their lands, then that's racial suicide. And given these other ethnic groups treatment of other minority groups, even wiping them out in some circumstances, accompanied with their obvious hatred for whites, along with the knowledge that neither our media nor our politicans will lift a finger to help us, I'd say there was a very nasty Holocaust coming our way! Feels like it's 1938 and we are the European Jews, all in denial despite what is happening in front of our eyes.

  35. Let us hope the voice of reason prevails!!!!!!! Jovialau

  36. Even if we didn't have anything on here resembling racist remarks, the media would still find a way to portray it that way anyhow. Something simple like this headline would stand in peooples minds.

    Are the APP a racist party or are the trully for Australians. That is all it would take to create doubt and it doesn't necessarily say APP are racist. Plus media have free speech.

    Read the following and just by adding some punctuation a whole sentence can mean different.

    Woman, without her man, is nothing. On the other hand change the punctuation to Woman, without her, man is nothing. It is reversed sex statement.

    Anyhow, if people can't see through the anger and debate to what the true problem we face are then, they will eventually see it or work it out.

  37. Before that happens, moderators should delete those messages. I i know what you are saying. Even though some seem racist, it is because we are fighting against racism, if that makes sense. If the likes of Birmingham says police should kick 200 white trash arse, well that is racist and also promoting police brutallity. The reasons, he has no reason and only assumes and says this. Maybe we should bring to light all the racist media talk and bring them down.

    I am with you KAD and do think that some things will hurt the movement, even though they are right. It would be best to just remove them and not have to go through the hassle. Although, seeing other people standing up can also bring about a sense of "YES! we have been ripped off for years" to other people.

  38. I would like to see the APP do well in the next election, however, the media attack on the party will be unmerciful as the party's public profile increases. The press will scour this site and look for every bit of dirt they can find to damage the party. Some of the comments on this thread will support the image of the APP as just a bunch of loopy racists. We don't want that do we, not if we want the APP to present itself as a viable, serious alternative to the mainstream parties.

  39. Guys,
    We need to watch our language and go about this in the right way.
    The only way we are going to stop this is by electing those with our interests at heart into Gov.
    We are an unarmed population, so revolution of that nature wont cut it here.
    Best thing to do is assist APP to win hearts and minds.
    We do have to stop socialist scumbags like Krudd, but no one will get anywhere with violence and bad language – remember that.

    • Oz we understand that but we aren't getting anywhere in any other way either. We never have.

      Government just do as they please. Funny thing about violence though is, we have had it up to our eyeballs having the same violence and bad language imposed upon us. Even through media as shown in other posts, "kick some white trash arse"

  40. TONGUE IN CHEEK STORY (or is it?)

    Rudd's China Day speech

    by Michael Connor

    January 19, 2010

    Breaking with tradition, Kevin Rudd (the Little Helmsman) delivered his China Day remarks, on the state of the Australian colony, in English.

    Following China's course: “As we enter this decade, it's a good time to take stock, having charted a course through the global economic crisis, to consider the long-term challenges that lie ahead, including: the deep structural challenge of an ageing population and its implications for our economy and society, the enormous economic and environmental challenge of climate change, and the challenge of building our national and economic security in an increasingly competitive world, one that does not owe us a living.”

    Rudd promises Great Leap Forward: “Unless we make big changes, we will either generate large, unsustainable budget deficits into the second quarter of the century, or we'll need to reduce government services, including health services, as the needs of an ageing population become greater.”

    Introducing Rudd’s one child, ten migrants policy: “With lower fertility rates and stable migration ratios, population policy will on present trends at best make a marginal contribution to the challenge of an ageing population.”

    Keeping China’s investments profitable: “We must make this the decade of opportunities seized, not of opportunities squandered. We face formidable challenges, but Australians have the capacity, the resilience and the spirit to rise to each one, and together to build Australia's future [as a Chinese colony].”

  41. We are getting angrier by the day KRUDD and your cronies. Maybe it will be us do what you call "An act of Terrorism" But no! it isn't, It would be us evicting criminals like you from your positions forcefully, since you thinl you can do the sam eto us without it being called brutality or terrorism.

    Maybe it will be civil war, where we all join in arms and dethrone your sorry arse.

    How long do you racist, sexist creeps thjink you can last in your oh ho mighty positions?

    We are sick to death of it Rudd, wake up to yourself. accusing good people of racism and destroying our lives for your own benefit. What are you all, dictators or imperial rulers. Because we are sick and tired. We almost have nothing left to live for so i guess fighting and dying for the cause isn't any drawback to us now.

    You all have stolen our children as well. Now that is a big shame on you.

    All protectionists, all fathers rights groups and family groups join in arms to dismantle this corrupt regime. We tried to do it civilly but you just won't stop you fat nazi pigs. Get out of our country you traitors

  42. All I can say is that……

  43. Well, yes of course the law is an arse…which is why the reprisals need to be quick, deadly and UNDISCOVERED. Sniper training will do the trick…! Especailly an army of Blond Female Snipers!

    only good monkey is a dead monkey. Oh, and maybe a few pollies could also join the dead pile…for allowing the monkeys to inflitrate in the first place!

  44. Only white crime is reported to the full extent.
    I dont think Australia will put up with this crap.
    I believe that once immigration begins to include those that are complete polar opposites to the population already living in a country, it will no longer be beneficial for that country.
    Forget about Christianity, its the type of people and the cultures that DO NOT INTEGRATE (not that we want them to, as we do not want them here anyway!) that are a threat to us here.
    Invite anyone other than Europeans here and you will have upheaval.
    Rudd better think long and hard about his policies or the wrath of European Australia will see to it that he experiences a bitter termination.

  45. SUBJECT: How Labour drowned Britain in immigrants

    This is what the Labor Party did to the British People:-

    Chairman rudd's labor party is trying to do the same to Australians!


    • Thanks for the article.
      I follow the BNP very closely and they will certainly annihilate alot of labours' votes in quite a few areas.
      The BNP are somewhat of a phenomenon in the sense that hard work through street level politics is slowly turning the tide there.
      The BNP winning seats in Westminster can only mean help and encouragement for the likes of the APP.

  46. I found it most interesting that…….to tell the truth one……. must defy the "strictures of political convention"Are we not being struck dumb and blinded by similar laws here?????????And to what end I ask myself?Who has what to gain?Social disharmony historically has always preceded someones grab for power.What better way to implement a new system,than to make the old one intolerable?Cause the population to live in fear…..and you can herd them like sheep…"It`s called…….. social engineering!! Jovialau

  47. Stereotypes and generalisations have evolved in the human psyche for a reason – self protection and survival. You definately cannot say these immigrants don't show hatred and contempt to whites. How often do you see black people mixing whites – only when they want something. Most whites are going against their perrenial survival instincts and not speaking up about this invasion through immigration which our 'democracy' is allowing.

    In the media will say 'caucasian' if it's a white person, but if it's a black won't say 'black' if they are black. There is talk of black rights, what about white rights? I'm sick and tired of steptoing around my own kind when they also know that there is an obvious problem with the immigration system. These 'non-westerners' hate us.

    I've got these arab scum up the street, always yelling, screaming and arguing. It'These blacks have their own underground laws and society in their massive communities across the city. Whilst we have laws to protect women against being raped and bashed, those arabs do it to their own women.

    Infiltration through integration. If the situation was reversed whites couldn't occupy their country without a war yet Australia's politicians welcomes these people with open arms.

    If it happened in Norway, it will happen here – we don't exactly have a strong government. We follow the americans and that's a sorry excuse for a government. Australia has no political leeway. What next, we get these blacks immigrants from Iraq or Iran who beat s*** out of their wives and children and can't speak english blowing up a mall?

    Worst of all. Those lot are more racist than whites.

  48. If you were the father or brother or husband or partner of these women, then set off after she was attacked, then bludgeoned the perpetrators, you can only imagine what would happen. You would be the one in deep s*** while the rapist got off scott free because of his race. THE LAW IS AN ARSE!!

  49. Someon should confront Rudd with these figures, then demand an explanation of why things would be any different here.

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