APP t-shirts! [NOW SOLD OUT]

APP t-shirts are now available for $27 (inc. p&p). Please send a cheque or money order (no responsibility taken for cash sent in the mail), and include your name and postal address and desired shirt size.

[Now sold out.]

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  1. i would love to know if the T-shirt is made in AUS..otherwise..??

  2. I just got called a ‘waycist’ about ten minutes ago by a white do-gooder. Why? Because I refused to give money to his ‘save the starving black children’ rubbish. You can see these parasites here in Perth, Western Australia, in the Victoria Park Centro DEMANDING that we sign up…but they only ask white people only who walk past, they don’t seem to see the many blacks, asians or Muslims who also walk past their table!

  3. Darrin Hodges says

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  4. why do my comments get deleted?

  5. My grandparents before they died, told me 'we were on the wrong side'. They could see what was going to happen even back then my gran told me that blacks would rule our lives. I was shocked they could say such a thing especially when nana told me that Hitler would never have allowed this to happen, but during the 80's I got to know many elderly Germans who had gone through the war and once they opened up they told me how Germany was infested with Gypsies, Turks, and the jews were actually extremely racist towards the Indigenous Germans which caused great resentment.
    Incidently last night my next door neighbour told me how she was accosted by a group of African men after leaving a nightclub last Saturday, one grabbed her by the wrists and tried to force his tounge into her mouth, his mates were encouraging him, she said she was saved by nightclub bouncers who heard her screaming. Terrible times ahead for us, my area vic park here in Perth is so ethnic now, I don't feel I belong anymore, really horrible,

  6. Please explain why the administrator has seen fit to delete my recent comment!

  7. My grandkids are 8th generation Aussie, my family has fought and died in every war since the Boer war, we have answered every call this country has asked of us. Not long ago, we were called heros after we stopped an asian invasion of this land. Now if we stick up for our country, we are called racist or worse, because we won't go along with their agenda.
    A family member now 95, fought Romel as a Rat of Tobruk, then fought the japs from New Guienue to Borneo,where he lost his brother beside him. That man has turned his back on us, he calls us cowards for letting others turn Australia into what it has become. His view on our governments – "we should have let Hitler win, at lest we knew what we were getting.

  8. Welcome aboard Theresa!!

  9. I’m all for this party…it’s about time! Take a stand Aussies….we have too! We’re losing our identity as a country, we’re giving away everything to foreigners, and it’s not ‘home’ anymore to us. We’re the lucky country alright….lucky for every other bastard but us Aussies and I’m sick of it! I haven’t felt proud to be an Aussie for quite some time now because of how we’re losing control of our identity, our lifestyle, employment prospects, our suburbs – you name it. And what I’ve seen change around me and my suburb and city (Brisbane) irritates the crap out of me, I hate it and feel like I couldn’t do anything about it. It’s depressing. But after seeing Today Tonight last night and hearing of this Australian Protectionist Party it has spurred me on not not give up but to fight for what is mine and every other Australians! Bring on the T-shirts Darren, I’ll be ordering mine very soon 🙂 Also bring on the stubbie coolers, the key-rings, car stickers and flags. I’ll even place ‘flyers’ advertising the party at all shopping centres around me on this party’s behalf! You’ve got my vote 🙂 Cheers.

    • People usually talk about Sydney and Melbourne, but Brissie is getting pretty bad too, you're right. Good to have you on board.

  10. It’s happening here too in Perth, we are flooded with Indians, my mates wife refuses to leave the house he told me, she is so angry. My area in Victoria Park is flooded with Africans and I’m moving out of this Hell hole, it will cost more but after being woken up with ISLAMIC WAILING every bloody night I hate it. I think our race is being deliberately exterminated, we obviously haven’t been breeding fast enough for the greedy pigs who dominate businesses and of course taxes play a big part. Seems strange to me though that the screaming greenies would support such a massive influx of immigrants, when they constantly remind us that is us humans causing such environmental damage, but of course the finger of guilt is always pointed at whites anyway so what can we expect. yes this is a deliberae genocide, comitted by the true facists and psycopaths, the far left.

  11. R.Reilly – Waste of space and time nuf said.

    Mike – I agree with what you said.

    As for the shirts isn't it funny that by wearing it you might find your self the subject of violance from racial assholes yet if any other minority wears there countrys flag on a t-shirt with there own ideals its all good. I love the way there is one set of rules for white australia and another for everyone else and they call us trhe racists….

    Shirts are great you will be getting my order real soon.. I just hope some one says something to me about wearing it as i am like all other true australins not scared to back my beliefs.

  12. 1 Sad Aussie says

    I urge everyone to take a drive through Revesby NSW 2212 and see how this suburb has changed in just the last 4 years.
    Only a couple of years ago a huge Indian Mosque was built right next door to McDonalds , I was worried a little but not much as there were very few if any Indians in the area , I had no idea of the impact to come. More recently , the suburbs much loved St Lukes Catholic church has sold out and now it seems belongs to Asians , I thought it odd when this happened as there wasn't a real lot amount of asians in the area . But then the church where many friends and family had married before on River Rd just 2 minutes from St Lukes has also sold out, this time to Lebanese young men who hold their "meetings" every friday and everyone knows about it, they have no choice because there is nowhere to park for a 2km radius of the hall .
    Now as I said I had no real idea of the impact these changes would take on the suburb but like so many other long term families of the suburb we are more than aware and its depressing to say the least – we are very sad people here in Revesby.
    If you see a house up for sale in Revesby you can almost guarantee it will be an Asian buyer or an Indian buyer – I am not lying , I urge you all to come over and have a look . So many of my friends who have grown up and are now married and starting families of their own have not got a chance at securing a home in this area.
    Thats not all either , sadly the suburb is deteriorating and I fear it will soon become like so many other multi cultural suburbs – "Ashfield" in appearance , if you have ever visited "Ashfield" you will no immediately what I am talking about it – it's filthy !
    I am not Racist , not yet anyway, but just sad , really sad at how severe the changes are in just a handful of years but also glad that my dad is no longer here to see these changes to the country he fought so proudly for in WW2 , oh my God I can almost hear him now and he would be fuming !
    When you visit Revesby you might want to drive 10 minutes and take a look at Centerlink and the Dept of Housing in Bankstown – have a very hard look at who is getting the support in this country and then have a look at the workers ! Now Drive around the corner and have a look at the Good Guys electrical store in Bankstown not far from the hospital , you don't need to do anything just walk in the door and have a look at all the staff there and it will be evident to you !

    Lucky Country is right but not for those born here !

  13. For Anzac Day we are getting t-shirts made with my grandfathers photo on them in his
    army uniform when he was fighting the Japanese, in the Battle for Australia.
    We will be wearing the t-shirts with the words on them in Loving Memory of my grandfather.
    I think it will be very appropriate because our Family use Anzac Day to Honour our Family
    members who fought for Aussie. We don't glorify war, as King Kevin would like to cull more
    members of our Family. Of course Rudd's Father never paid the ultimate sacrifice for
    Australia. His Father died in a road accident, drunk!

    I like the t-shirt that the APP is now selling. We need to see it in W.A. The locals are getting
    very feed-up with the Federal Labor Party.

  14. Yr pathetic, as I stated, go to the greens website, yr ‘intelligence’ is so obviously more suited to their genocidal views on life here in Australia.
    What a twat.

  15. R, Reilly, why don’t you go to a real facist website? Try the Labour party or the Greens, they are more up your left winged facist backside!
    As for your own racial hatred that you have shown us, go live in Zimbabwee, they hate whites too…you traitor

  16. darrin,
    please tell me the APP shirts are 100% aussie made & produced?

  17. the tag on mine says Gildan….huge companies all over the Western world and pretty big in Queensland….thats all I know.

  18. Or a place that sells work uniforms such as totally work wear

  19. They would be hard to source though, Ask someone like national geographic, if they know of any manufacturers here in OZ

  20. It would indeed be a great advertising scheme. Imagine someone saying so is your shirt made in Australia, and you were able to proudly say yes, have a look at the tag. It would actually make the political party, look more honest, which is something not seen these days.

  21. Jack Richards says

    I’ll be happy to buy 4 T-shirts – BUT ONLY if the tag says MADE IN AUSTRALIA and, preferably, from Australian Materials – AND IT’S TRUE.

    I can not imagine anything more self-defeating or foolish than wearing an APP shirt with a tag reading “Made In China” or “Made in Fiji”. Wearing such would make the wearer look like a complete idiot.

    About 20 years ago I went to Myers to buy some business shirts. I asked for “Australian Made”. It was a big store in Canberra and, after much searching, the saleman found two! They were “Metro” brand, cost about 50% more, and lasted 10 times longer than the Chinese or Indonesian stuff. I’ve still got one, but it’s a bit small now – but they don’t make them any more.

    Six years ago I bought some out-door shirts at the Yakka Factory in Wodonga. It’s closed, of course, but I have newer Yakka shirts proudly displaying the “Made in China” tag. It’s enough to make you weep.

    As I said, prove to me they are made here, and I’ll buy four.

  22. They probably aren't because the sad fact is APP need to get themselves established for there future. Spending less money while on the get go. Although this is what APP are trying to defend. People from Australia losing business and work due to slave labour in other countries. I wonder though if we can actually buy an Australian made T-shirt?

    If a local manufacturer, using Australian materials and labour could be a great source asking for a deal, as APP support that type of manufacture. The tag would also supplement an Australian made and owned product, indeed supporting what APP stand for. Actually Russell, not everyone thinks of everything, so it is good to bring to APP attention. I am sure the Left would use it against APP even though finding a manufacturer in this country would be like finding a needle in a haystack!

  23. russell cullen says

    Are the t shirts made in australia.?

  24. russell cullen says

    All the way with australian made and stuff china.

  25. To Ex digger above, i think an Australian made product would hold the weight of your medals.

  26. Got my shirts yesterday…Great!! My son wore his down to the local Pizza shop. 2 Africans opened the door for him, 2 Chinese sat opposite him trying to avoid his eyes. 2 Asians served him the pizza and a FAT ARSED WHITE WOMAN PUSHED IN FRONT OF HIM AT THE EXIT!!!
    Had to laugh tho as he sports a long pony tail and is a 2nd Dan Tae-Kwon Do instructor and looks a bit on the mean side!!!
    Will have my shirt on, on the weekend, cant wait to wear it with pride.

  27. United Nations read betwen the lines United meaning one.

  28. Constantine says

    On another note , could you please elobarote on this world communist government takeover?

    Also, I’d refrain from portraying Constantinople and the eastern empire in general in a bad light. Afterall, it was the bzyantines and islamists, and not the western catholics, who saved the teachings of the philosophers from destruction.

    Best Regards,


    • Yes, but it wasn't the Western Catholics who were responsible for the 9/11 affair….plus the murders, bombings and atrocities that all seem to originate from the one area of religion. And mate, its not the western Catholics!!

  29. Do people like you think that if lets say, a sports person at an olympic games holds an Australian flag or wins an event and our flag is raised above, that those people are for a constitutional monarchy? I don't think they are. I think they are loyal to there country and there country people. I think they hold pride in there own country. Which is more then i can say for a Extreme Left Regime imposed on destroying us all. A national party loya;l to its country, country people and a flag is a far cry from the current corrupt idiots, only in it for a buck.

  30. Which is our national icon.

  31. No it's the australian flag

  32. Constantine says

    I take it the inclusion of the union jack is an endorsement of constitutional monarchy?

  33. Global take over, G20 Summit which is crap. There are ways that have been invented but silenced by government, that can reduce CO pollution to zero. Signing documents with the UN wwithout the peoples consent. Laws upon Laws that basically lead us like sheep. I am not political or Religous but i have seen this crap for years. With Multiculturalism, some people just do not mixx together, it is becoming more and more obvious, with the more immigrants flooding our shores. we have many friends from different cultures but are still portrayed as racist when it goes both ways. They are screwing us over without any reason other then power. They are constantly overseas with our tax funds, and without our consent. I don't want my daughters growing up in this bulls*** society.

  34. Don't know much about Islam or many religions for that matter, have heard though that before one ruler of islam it was a fair religion. Untile the new Allah came in or whoever it was and then made women as slaves. As for refraining, i don't give a s***, Its my life all this bulls*** Left has affected and many others so i do not give a rats about s***. As a young Political party then maybe that is best. Get rid of the tired old rubbish that is no good for any of us.

  35. Hey ex digger, good one. I can't see the shirt holding the weight so place a thick piece of material on the inside of the shirth and pin the badges through the shirt and the material. This should spread the weight more evenly, it still may sag a little.

    Or get a thick, good looking piece sticked on the edges, pin medals to it and hang over your shoulder, maybe pinning it on the shoulder of your APP shirt.

  36. Constantine says

    Multiculturliasm, or stated differently, the problem of internationalism/globalism inherent in liberal society is that it prevents men from achieving moral perfection because the liberal society does not ensure that there is a single moral code, but rather a multitude of codes.

    Thus we could say that the two major parties are irreconcilable with the basic demands of moral life,and the APP,without oversimplifying, is basad upon a moral protest about the direction in which Australian politics and culture wish to head. If the APP is to be a viable alternative party, a party in which the seriousness of the moral man shows itself through public manifestations, then the symbols that support his morality(whether it be british commonwealth or roman virtue) must at one stage become reconciled with the ideals and policy of the APP. But as a young party the founders have yet to formulate such policies. So whether the APP models its policies on the divine crown and scepter or the greatness of ancient rome remains to be seen, I only wished to highlight the ‘as yet’ undetermined stance of the APP regarding these issues.

  37. It's funny how you mention the ruling of a monarchy but do not care about the fact that we will be under a global communism. Ruled by a world body. People still seem to throw that into the scheme of things but never seem to consider that we a still a part of the commonwealth. They never care about the fact, that we could be ruled by a world government because of there ignorance to the fact. It is the Australian flag, national flag, national party. Sick of Lefty theology that has destroyed us in more ways then a bloody flag or our relationship to Great Britian. They are our ancestors, but i guess if you want to keep playing the minority bulls***, you will eventually be sorry and it won't be at the hands of a freaking flag or a national party in the interests of Australians. It will be your own stupid faults for imposing ridiculous ideologies that are far from anti racial or equal.

  38. As a Vietnam Veteran (Army) I will be wearing my medals on top of my APP T Shirt on Anzac Day (If my shirt can take the weight of 5 medals!!) But it will only be concerning to Australians at the ceremony I go to, as you never see an African, Asian or Middle Eastern face there. They dont even know what day it is, busily working in their shops (or the streets!)…..

  39. Hi Darrin

    Just wondering how the stock levels are for large are going?
    I'm wanting to send a money order through first thing monday so i can wear mine for Aus day…

  40. I’m gonna get one for Australia day, ( which is my birthday too!) By the way Darrin, have the APP thought about setting up stalls around OZ day and ANZAC day? The public exposure combined with the anger over our extermination (I refuse to use that horrible word, Multiculturalism) may be very good for the party.

  41. Millstoneridge says


    Is white the only colour?? using dam water for washing, white tends to end up grey…. or when a certain family member puts whites in with black…

  42. I'll be buying one

  43. Any stubby holders?

  44. I'm ordering 1, cant wait to get feedback from the Melbourne public.

  45. Getting into the real world is the hard part. Not with leaflet distribution and talking to people but funds when short make even printing leaflets hard. Approaching current ministers and things is not any help, because they pretend to listen. One thing about the shirts, i would have put on the front instead of Australian Proctionist Party, We love this country. It then would give the intrigue of who is APP. When entrigue is in your mind it tends to stick. If they pass you and then turn to look at you on the back of the shirt is the web site.

  46. Very nice. Best wishes to the APP in 2010. Did you get the 500 members? Can one become a member if living overseas?

  47. My apologies it does say Australian Protectionist Party, But the APP does stand from a distance so from a distance it could envoke intrigue.

  48. I wish i could afford to buy some shirts but, i am in more debt then $500, i can't even feed myself at the moment, typical of left wing crap supporting only who they see fit but me who has worked since a young age is just left to rot. I may not be on here soon because i am seeing my phone and internet as being an expense i can't afford any longer.

  49. Yes i do also agree that it is a great symbol, also simple in it's approach. Another good thing is because on frontal view it does not actually say Australian Protectionist Party, rather APP, more people will be engrossed as to what it stands for. People wearing the shirt then have to explain in a sensible manner, it's true intentions so this Nationalist party does gain respect.

    I would go with my gut, ie if someone has been violated then by all means express concern and promote what it stands for. As for people who are not aware of thos atrosities in the west or south, i would use a more relevant policy for there situation, ie Income splitting, family values etc.

  50. Ex Digger says

    Yes, the shield design with our flag in the background would indeed attract the man in the street (In a good way of course). My order for 2 has been sent and my son and I cant wait to wear them in WA….
    Funny, its taken a long time for West Aussies to become aware of the plight of our country and the "immigrant gang bashings and muggers" but I have noticed a growing tide of anger and unrest amongst normally the "sit on the fence" set… wont be long.

    • i'm here in Perth too and I've had a gutful, sick of Africans and Muslims every f**king where I look, I find the AFricans to be the most arrogant ones, but I always give it straight back to the assholes. If I get killed, well at least it will be standing on my own two legs and not kneeling down in submission to some monkey who's grandparents were running around with spears when mine were working and building a nation.

  51. Craig Stewart says

    I like the shield design. It's the symbol of protection that states where we're at politically as nationalists and as the future of Aust politics. I'm strapped at the moment. I've just moved to a majority white area east of Melbourne from the black swamp of Flemington in the west. In the move i got into a $500 debt. As soon as I'm financially clear I'll probably order two to start with.

  52. Darrin Hodges says

    Ok, have updated the post to include an address!

  53. Ex Digger says

    Just need an address to send the cheque to please.

  54. Ex Digger says

    My order for 2 will be in the post ASAP…….At last!

  55. Do you have female cut shirts?

  56. Darrin Hodges says

    Sorry to hear about that Mike, hope the bank refunds your money in good time.

  57. At last! I will be ordering mine soon. Unfortneatly my bank account was wiped out by a foriegn gang (skimming) just before new year, so I spent a very lonely new years eve. Don’t you just love MULTICULTURALISM?

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