Defend and protect Christmas

Australians should not shrink from the cultural struggle that faces our society

Reproduced from the national newsletter of the Australian Protectionist Party

Multiculturalists and the jack-booted brigades of Political Correctness have been undermining the public celebration of Christmas for many years, gradually removing Christmas symbols, nativity scenes and Santa Claus from shopping centres, government departments, and – most disastrously – from our schools and kindergartens. Many Australian children are no longer taught the Christmas carols that their parents and grandparents grew up with. Whereas Christmas used to be a shared experience between the generations in so many ways, such as with carol singing, those shared traditions are diminishing as the ghost of Political Correctness looms over our society.

The attack upon Christmas is just another part of the wider assault upon our way of life – it is all part of the cultural war being waged against Western Civilisation by Multiculturalists, Globalists and other nation-killers.

There is no “conspiracy” as such to destroy all of the nations of the Western world, to ruin their traditional way of life, and to have them colonised by the masses of the Third World. Instead, the destruction of traditional Western values is just a part of the mindset of Multiculturalists worldwide; they instinctively react negatively to anything that promotes our traditional virtues and values, and they seek to replace them with “Politically Correct” Globalist values, or – in the face of differing views from different ethnic groups – not replace them with any values at all.

Recognising that the attacks upon our traditional way of life at Christmas time are just part and parcel of the many attacks upon our overall culture, we must choose to protect and promote the public celebration of Christmas, whether we ourselves are Christian or not. In Australia most atheists, agnostics, non-practicing Christians, and sometimes even people from other religions celebrate Christmas as part of their way of life. Christmas presents, Christmas carols, Christmas family gatherings, and much more are all part of the Christmas experience that all can share, as part of our traditional culture.

If we want that traditional way of life to continue, we must oppose the minions of Multiculturalism whenever they try to remove elements of traditional Christmas celebrations.

Whether you are in the retail industry, employed by the government, or are involved in your local school, you can all help to ensure Christmas remains as a public celebration and as a part of the continuation of the traditional Australian way of life.


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